Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trump and Clinton criss-crossing Florida on a J-3 before the election –

by Emily Stephenson and Amanda Becker

MIAMI (Reuters) – three days of the presidential election in the United States, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sailed on Saturday, the Florida, one of the States undecided where will be the party the ballot of November 8.

If the surveys tend to show that the candidate of democratic party maintains an advantage in the Swing States, those States where the balance between voters, democrats and republicans varies from one election to another, the gap has significantly reduced since the FBI has re-launched, last week, the case of the e-mails that leads the campaign of former secretary of State from march 2015.

It is criticized Clinton when she headed the american diplomacy in the first term of Barack Obama (2009-2013), using a server private messaging, rather than the server of the department of State.

This “neglect extreme”, according to the FBI, has been exploited relentlessly by his opponents, Trump in the lead, who accuse it of violating the federal laws on the archiving of data and on the handling of classified information and of having endangered the country’s security by exposing confidential documents to a risk of hacking.

In Florida, which was played at the victory of George Bush over Al Gore in 2000, the gap as measured by the site Real Clear Politics from the various existing surveys is minimal, with a 1.2 point lead for Clinton to 47.4% in average of voting intentions compared to 46.2%.

The “Sunshine State” to designate 29 of the 538 electoral college the electoral College.


Trump has started his day with a morning assembly to Tampa, where he again criticized the support of its rival, the Obamacare, the reform of the health insurance put in place by the democratic president out.

But, referring to the expected increase in insurance premiums, he said: “This does not count, because if we win, I shall rid myself of this reform.”

He is also taken to the physical strength of his opponent, the other axis is known from its attacks. “Look, I’m here, this kind of things, I do five to six per day, and Hillary, she, she goes home, she goes to sleep. And if she wanted to do the same, what she doesn’t want to, she would not have the energy, believe me.”

Florida should not be the only State covered in this final Saturday of the campaign by the billionaire new yorker, who must also do this step in North Carolina, Nevada and Colorado.

Clinton, meanwhile, has started her day with a trip to the West Miami Community Center, a neighborhood american-cuban which was accompanied by Jencarlos Canela, actor of telenovelas. The candidate the democrat would then have to gather his supporters in south Florida.

It will be in the evening at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where it will be joined by singer Katy Perry.

Friday evening, is the star couple of the industry-american music, Beyoncé and Jay Z, who gave a concert at his side, Cleveland, Ohio, one of the other Swing States particularly sought-after.

(Henri-Pierre André for French service)


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