Saturday, November 5, 2016

Emmanuel Macron, accuses the FN of defaming the Republic, Le Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – The leader of Running ! was attended by 800 members of his movement on Saturday in Paris to prepare for the elections coming up, presidential and legislative. In front of his troops, the former minister has delivered a violent charge against the far right.



They stood up and chanted “Macron president”. He has not tried to interrupt. In front of 800 leaders of the movement In motion! gathered in Paris to prepare for the presidential campaign, and then that of the legislative, Emmanuel Macron had to deliver a violent charge against the national Front, “party that messes up the Republic”. This is not the first time that the former minister of the Economy takes it to the extreme right. In Figaro Magazine, already, he explained that his political commitment was born from the trauma of 21 April 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen qualified for the second round at the expense of Lionel Jospin. Instead, this is the first time that Emmanuel Macron place Marine Le Pen and her party at the centre of a public speech.

” Macron, Valls: the sons clover

“We must not consider as inevitable the presence of the FN in the second round,” he urged, denouncing the calculations of the traditional parties. “Since April 21, 2002, there was a part of the somnanbules, of the other cynics who adapt to this case and say that, after all, the presidential election is not so complicated as it is enough to come second in the first round that the mass be said”. In the Face of “these tactical retreat”, Emmanuel Macron has tested a kind of campaign slogan and invited the “engaged” of his movement to bring “optimism of the will”. “No democrat can not accept to be held hostage to an election truncated, a one-round election. No republican can not get used to the presence of the extreme right in the second round of each presidential”, he added.

the nomination to The coming of Emmanuel Macron concerned about his former comrades of the socialist. Which accuse it of exacerbating the dispersion of the left, at the risk of causing his disqualification in 2017. Around the leader In the Walk! we are assured, on the contrary, that it is going to look the voters of the FN Marine Le Pen won’t access to the second round. A close friend of Emmanuel Macron explained: “the reality of The political terrain in France, it is the activism of the FN. So the real objective is to switch in another tread people have been convinced by his action”. It is one of the lessons of the long walk of the spring. Wherever they moved, the followers of Emmanuel Macron is confronted with the militancy of the far right. “The only ones who are going to recruit on the ground, what are they, are there in the entourage of Emmanuel Macron. Face it, neither the PS nor the Republicans are coming out of their cozy shell”.

Often attacked for “staff” of his approached presidential, Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity of this gathering to taunt the critics and reply to its critics. “I’ve heard a lot these last few months. It is a solitary adventure. I want to solemnly thank you to accompany my loneliness”, he ironisé, causing the laughter in the room.

His troops are ready to go into battle in the presidential, first of all against the FN, then “against those who say that Running! is an empty shell where there is none”. “The army, it is everywhere in the territories, and it is here, in this room today, ready to go”, he concluded by calling on its activists to “make a lie of the cynics and wake up the somnanbules to stop those who carry the hatred of France”. Then he launched a very presidential “long Live the Republic! Vive la France”. A first.


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