Saturday, November 5, 2016

U.s. Elections. Three days of the verdict, nothing is played – West-France

three days of the election, the polls are of little use to predict with certainty the outcome of the vote. The democratic party, 69-year-old retains a slim advantage of 2.3 percentage points on average over the billionaire populist to 70 years, but Donald Trump is carried by a rebound suddenly in the States-key which will truly be the election, and which make him believe that a surprise is possible on Tuesday night.

The two candidates are crisscrossing so tirelessly in the country, linking the meetings to launch a last call to action, with the same message: every vote matters in this election, described by both sides as a historic opportunity.

Hillary Clinton will begin the day in Miami and will end in Philadelphia, with a concert of the singer Katy Perry. Donald Trump will cross the country, in Tampa, Florida, Colorado, passing by the North Carolina and Nevada.

Support from Jay-Z and Beyoncé for Clinton

Clinton has the support of Beyoncé and Jay Z.
Clinton has the support of Beyoncé and Jay Z. | AFP.

Side democrat, these are the superstars Beyoncé and Jay Z have kicked off over the weekend, in a grand concert with other rappers in Cleveland, bastion, democrat of Ohio.

” The world expects of us that we are a progressive country at the forefront of change “, has launched Beyoncé, acclaimed by a mob of 10,000 people, overwhelmingly black. the ” I want my daughter to grow up in a country presided over by a woman “, said the singer, who sang his hit ” Run the World (Girls) “.

a glance to the outfits of the former First lady, the six dancers of Beyoncé wore tailors-pants… In this high-voltage atmosphere, and new to the grand-mother of two grand-children, Hillary Clinton took the floor for a few minutes, without merely guessing on his program, but by recalling the opening hours and address of the polling station nearest, already opened.

” We have a job to finish, more barriers to break down, and with your help, a glass ceiling to break, once and for all “, has launched a democrat.

earlier, he had methodically tried to demolish the message is a populist of his opponent, decrying empty promises.

” On 20 January, America will have a new president “, she said in Detroit, in the Michigan industrial. the ” change is inevitable. Things are going to change. The question is: what change will we ? “ And to those to whom the virulence of this campaign give headaches, it has launched: ” everything depends on you “.

I’m here all alone!

A 450 km to the east of Cleveland, another piece of the ” Rust Belt “, industrial region in decline, Donald Trump has filled a new room of 13,000 people. Since last year, the business man is the only one to gather crowds is also important.

Améyanks are à three days of the verdict of the ballot box.
The Americans are within three days of the verdict of the ballot box. | Reuters.

” And by the way, I didn’t need to bring Jennifer Lopez or Jay Z, I’m here all alone! “ there ironisé in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where he tries to unravel the ” firewall “ Hillary Clinton, who has carried out so far in the polls of this great State.

Saturday, and for the first time, he was invited to deliver the keynote address weekly of the republican party, many of whose managers have, however, recently dropped.

” It is time to close the history books on the Clinton (…) I call on your votes (…) to help elect a republican majority in Congress, so that we can finally change this system that does not work (…) “, said the real estate tycoon.

Never populist contender was gone about as far as Donald Trump in the recent history of the United States. Its core constituency is made up of Whites, including those who do not have university education, a demographic group won by fear of the downgrade.

” I want the establishment to be corrupt Washington to hear the following words: when we shall prevail on November 8, we will clean the stream “, he launched, following a formula that became a campaign slogan.

Brandishing the recovery by the FBI on October 28, the case of the email server private of the former head of diplomacy, he repeated that a president bill Clinton would be undermined by this survey, or even a trial. To vote for the republican, the question is whether its advantage in men and the workers will be sufficient to offset the advantage of Hillary Clinton among minorities, women, and graduates.

” people do not say can not be openly who they will vote, but I’m sure he has more support than say the polls “, predicts Zach Rehl, ex-military ” trumpiste “ 31-year-old.


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