Saturday, November 5, 2016

Presidential US : Clinton and Trump do battle in Florida, State-key – Le Parisien

La crazy race of two candidates to the White House is nearing its end. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continued Saturday their fierce campaign in a increased voltage, the billionaire putting the overdrive in the States-key in order to prevent the rival democratic party to become the first woman president of the United States.

The end of a campaign that has amazed the world by its twists and turns, its excesses and its controversies. At the time of the epilogue, the biggest surprise is that Donald Trump has a real chance to win Tuesday, November 8, even if it retains its position as the outsider. Remains to be seen if he will be able to create a surprise to most.

VIDEO. Mode of employment of the us presidential election

29 major voters in Florida

For the former First lady and former secretary of State, to the political networks that have been cultivated for 30 years, the tactics of the past 72 hours is clear : never give up, in the pivotal States that are decisive for the victory. For Trump, the challenge looks even more difficult : to win a bunch of those States-key in rallying especially the voters of rural America and be able to overturn in his favour a State leaning to the traditional side democrat.

where the return this Saturday morning in Florida of the two opponents : the peninsula’s sunny south-east of the United States has often been decisive in the us presidential election. It will have 29 electoral college who will win. The tycoon and populist account on the legions of retirees established there, then, that Hillary Clinton wants to seduce the important electorate is hispanic.

After Jay Z and Beyoncé, Katy Perry

After you have had Friday night with the support of superstars Beyoncé and Jay Z, in a big concert in Cleveland, bastion, democrat of Ohio, Hillary Clinton is mounted on the stage this Saturday in Miami. But the “Sunshine State” has justified evil his nickname, reserving him a flood. The candidate has interrupted his speech at the end of seven minutes.

a Few moments after, she took her campaign with a conference call addressed to young people. “All hands on deck these next three days,” quipped Hillary Clinton, who was, however, the pace of the meetings of the campaign to be less dense than its rival. It will end the day on Saturday in Philadelphia, with a concert of the singer Katy Perry.

For his part, Donald Trump said Saturday that he had gathered the night before in Hershey, Pennsylvania, more of the world than Jay Z, has taunted the language. He assured that it had gathered 27 000 supporters in a room that can only hold 12,500 people.


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