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The rise of world stock markets after the decision of the FBI in favour of Clinton – The

at the very end of October, Hillary Clinton saw the case of his e-mails to him come back in boomerang after the discovery of new evidence by the FBI agents leading them to believe that further investigation was necessary. The bread-blessed for his competitor in the race to the White House, Donald Trump.

Ten days after this thunderclap, the american federal police, after a review of the new coins fell between his hands, has established that the prosecution of the candidate, democrat did not be.

“All this drama to the end keep to the same conclusion,” said for Bloomberg Naeem Aslam, an analyst at Think Markets UK. “This is good news for investors who are risk appetite”.

This announcement in favour of Hillary Clinton, in a letter that the FBI sent Sunday to the elected officials of Congress, could bring him a thumbs up to 48 hours of the presidential election american. In fact, this Monday, the announcement was also given a boost to the stock markets, particularly in Europe, driven by investor sentiment that the victory in the us presidential election has a good chance to come back to Hillary Clinton.

Bounce general in Europe as in Asia

Thus, the Paris Bourse Monday morning at 10: 00 (09: 00 GMT), the CAC 40 index gained 1,53%. Friday, it had retreated 0.78%.

The Frankfurt stock Exchange has also started the week off on Monday to increase sharply : the index feature Dax, who has had a difficult last week, rebounded to 1.38%. The index of the average values for the MDax has opened up 0.89% to 10.410,56 points.

the announcement of The FBI has also boosted the London stock Exchange, who around 10: 00 also grew by 1.43%. In the early exchanges, the FTSE-100 of leading values had climbed 105,16 points to 6.798,42 points.

Financial and cyclical net increase

In Europe, all sectors are in the green, financial, and cyclical head. The index of banking wins 2,15%, led by HSBC and the Italian banks. HSBC jumped 4.5%. The british bank has significantly improved its capital adequacy ratio hard, to 13.9% at the end of the third quarter, a good point for future dividends.

PostNL shows the largest increase in the Stoxx 600 with a gain of 6.1%. The postal operator of the netherlands has rejected an improved offer made on Sunday by its competitor, the belgian bpost. Ryanair, in the second position, gained 5.4 percent after it raised its forecast long-term growth of 10%. Renault (+2,35%) outperformed its sector index to the result of the publication by its partner Nissan’s operating profit in the quarterly better than expected, despite a strong yen over the period.

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena takes about 11%. The sovereign wealth fund of Qatar has expressed its interest for a possible participation in the capital increase of five billion euros needed for the bank tuscany in difficulty, a-t-on learned from two sources close to the matter, even if the reception of the project by the investors is mixed.

In Asia, the stock Exchange of Tokyo has clearly rebounded Monday, with 1,61%, while the stock Exchange of Shanghai has closed up 0.26% and that of Hong Kong of 0.70%.

Oil and currencies in the green, (especially the mexican peso)

The price of oil were directed also to the rise in Asia. Around 8: 30 am, the barrel of light sweet crude (WTI), benchmark u.s. crude for delivery in December, gained 1,54% 44,75 $ 44,07 previously. The barrel of Brent, european reference crude for delivery in January, rose 1.29% to 46,17 usd 45,58 dollars.

The relief was noticeable on the foreign exchange market, where the yen, a safe haven that had been sought after in recent days, withdrew: the dollar rose to 104,42 yen to 08H46 GMT, against 103,04 yen on Friday at around 21: 00 GMT.

The dollar was also found in the hair of the beast vis-à-vis theeuro, which fell to 1,1050 dollar against 1,1137 dollar on Friday at around 21: 00 GMT.

For their part, the bond rates of the countries considered more risky and thus more lucrative, such as those of Italy and Spain, had raised slightly, while the debts of German and French, which serve as safe havens, were neglected by investors.

But it is especially the peso a mexican who took advantage of the new, wanting to believe in a defeat of the republican candidate: he was traded to 18,626 pesos to the dollar, compared 19,0266 Friday, an increase of 2.5%.

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