Monday, November 7, 2016

The Paris Bourse ends up – TV5MONDE Info

The Paris stock Exchange has clearly taken of the height of the Monday (+1,91%), reassured by the lack of prosecutions of the FBI against Hillary Clinton, on the eve of the presidential election american.

The CAC 40 index took 83,75 points to 4.461,21 points, in a volume of trade low of 2.7 billion euros. On Friday, the paris market was down 0.78%.

On the other european markets, the Frankfurt stock Exchange has gained 1.93% and that of London 1,70%. Furthermore, the Eurostoxx has taken to 1.85%.

The market started the session with enthusiasm and has not changed his mind thereafter.

“today, the equity markets came back sharply in the wake of the announcement by the FBI of the absence of a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton” and “this session proves that the main concern of investors is the us presidential election”, pointed out Guillaume Garabédian, an adviser to management Meeschaert Gestion Privée.

The doubts about the election’s outcome had the opposite growing up on the markets with the announcement of the reopening of the investigation by the FBI on the case of the private messaging Hillary Clinton, causing a decline in shares across multiple sessions.

The candidate democrat “was clearly the favour of the markets mainly because they fear a period of uncertainty extended in case of victory of Donald Trump whose very particular vision of the debt and the freedom of tone are not of a nature to reassure the investors”, explained Dr. Garabédian.

In fact, in spite of this announcement from the FBI, “the outcome still remains uncertain, with polls still very tight”, he, however, qualified.

And according to him, “if the market goes up significantly as well in such a context, this is also explained without doubt by the importance of the drop recorded last week, and so by factors of a technical nature which have amplified the movement”.

“If the latest polls give the democrat Hillary Clinton in advance, some States-key could, however, bring a lot of surprises tomorrow (Tuesday). Investors are well aware”, have also noted the experts of Mirabaud Securities in Geneva.

waiting for the verdict, the indicators of the day are passed to the second plan. In Germany, the volume of orders placed with the industry is started to decrease in September, while euro zone retail sales, a barometer of household consumption, continued to decrease in September.

on The side of values, the financial sector, sensitive to the movements of the markets has supported the rating. BNP Paribas has made 3,73% to 52,53 euros, Société Générale 3,49% 36,82€, Axa 3.89 per cent to 20.15 euros and Credit Agricole 2,23% to 9,73 euros.

Saint-Gobain has earned a 1.83% 39,59 euro after the announcement of the acquisition to the group NSL of the singaporean company E-Mix, a regional leader of the products, mortars, and dry mixes.

Eiffage has won 2,31% to 66,01 euros after having bought out the share of Bouygues (+1.06% to 28,56€) in the capital of Adelac, the company concessionaire of the motorway A41 North, linking Annecy to Geneva, for 130 million euros.

The video game publisher Ubisoft has declined from 3.40% to 30,45€, then he wants to hire up to 1,000 people in France in the next few years and will continue its acquisitions, mainly to strengthen in mobile, according to its CEO, Yves Guillemot.

Gfi Informatique has finished stable at 7,63 euros after the announcement of the strengthening of the group in the iberian peninsula, with an acquisition in Portugal which is a continuation of another carried out last week in Spain.

SoLocal jumped to its share of 6.58% to 3,37 € on the occasion of its re-listing. The board of directors of the group agreed on a revised plan of financial restructuring following the rejection of a first draft by the shareholders in October.

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