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November 7, 16H34: women mobilizing for equal pay – The Point

Rallies, and especially claims on the social networks: the women were mobilized on Monday to say no to wage inequality, on the 7th of November being the symbolic date where the men will have reached what they earn in a year, according to the calculation of feminists.

A 16H34 accurate, in Paris, between 200 and 300 people of all ages, including a few men, gathered in Republic square, at the call of the feminist movements that had prompted them to stop work to demand equal salaries.

“on 7 November, the beginning of the season of good pears” or “women, the first producers of wealth in the world”, could be read on the placards.

Bordeaux, Toulouse or Lyon, where 25 women had responded to the call place Bellecour, the same word order came: “equal pay for work of equal value”.

The initiative, unique in France, was inspired by an action of icelandic, which had led thousands of women to protest on 24 October at 14H38.

The movement was launched by the contributors of a newsletter called “The Glorious”: “from 7 November to 16H34 (and 7 seconds), the women will volunteer”, wrote-in a call that has found a wide echo in the social networks.

based on the figure of 15.1%, difference in hourly wages between men and women, as measured by Eurostat in 2010, the founder of the Glorious, Rebecca Amsellem, has calculated that the gap was approximately 38,2 working days. This figure, dated, is mostly “symbolic,” she said.

in Paris, Celine Boistard, 41 years old, who works in the recovery of debts, will be deducted from his salary in the time it has taken to manifest. “It is also what has caused my coming, the reaction of my superiors,” she said, outraged. “In our business, it is 80% women, 20% men, all in positions of responsibility.”

Marina Tomé, actress, 50 years old, is “very disappointed that there is not more of the world”.

“This is not like that you will get equal pay but these gatherings are a great way to discuss with people who have not necessarily aware of the inequalities,” said for his part Aurélie Mathis, 28, who took to Bordeaux.

- Strike the 8 march? -

According to the Insee, in 2013, women earned on a monthly basis (net salary full-time equivalent) 19% less than men on average. A sector of activity, age, socio-occupational category and conditions of employment (full or part-time) the same, this gap was slightly less than 10%.

“pay inequalities are the visible part of the iceberg of economic violence suffered by women,” said the association Dare feminism, reminding them that they are “78.1% of part-time workers”, and they are less in positions of responsibility.

The CGT welcomed the initiative, considering the idea of”a day of action and strike for the rights of women, on the occasion of 8 march (international Day of the Rights of Women) for example”.

The ministers Laurence Rossignol (Rights of women) and Myriam El Khomri (Work) have stressed in a joint press release “the government’s commitment in favour of equal pay” since 2012. They noted that 107 companies have been sanctioned since 2013 for failing to meet their obligations.

“equality between women and men must be at the heart of the Republic. Has all moments,” tweeted the Prime minister Manuel Valls.

The initiative has won over politicians of all stripes: Marine Le Pen (FN), Valérie Pécresse (LR), Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, minister of national Education, Alain Juppé and Jean-François Copé (LR), or Jean-Luc Mélenchon (left Party) have shown their support on Twitter.

At H-hour, the mp for socialist Gironde Sandrine Doucet, relayed in the chamber’s call for equal pay, during the budget debate.

According to the report 2016, world economic Forum (WEF) on the male/female parity, equal pay could become a global reality in 170 years, in 2186, due to a “strong slowdown” in this field.

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