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SAVINGS It would fix the rate as close to the level of inflation, thanks to a new mathematical formula, according to information from the newspaper ” Les Echos “…

This is the preferred investment of the French. The Booklet Has, on which the interest rate is historically low, could be revamped in the coming months. The Bank of France and the ministry of Economy and Finance are planning to revise the method of calculation of this savings book, reveals Les Echos.

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According to a source close to Bercy cited by the newspaper, it is important to set the rate of the Booklet Has the closer the level of inflation, thanks to a new mathematical formula.

In its new version, the formula should no longer guarantee investors a minimum payment higher by +0.25% to inflation as is currently the case.

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Despite a floor of 0.75 % which are historically low, the rate of the Booklet A is now greater than the price increase to consumption (0.4% on a year the end of September). “The basis for the calculation of inflation chosen by the government to determine the remuneration to be investors will also have to be wider to avoid fluctuations in the rate of the Booklet Has,” said another source quoted by Les Echos.

Never, since its creation in 1818, the Livret A, whose funds are used to finance social housing, has shown a lower rate to 0.75 %.

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