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United states: Trump and Clinton in the last line the right – The Figaro

VIDEO – Hillary Clinton, in campaign in the State of New York, was raised in a “president for all”. For his part, Donald Trump in a meeting in Florida, has called for the end of “the establishment “corrupted” to Washington.

Last day of campaigning for the two candidates to the White House, Monday. On the eve of the election of the presidential election, the latest polls and projections published in the United States remained very tight, with however an advantage to Hillary Clinton. This last was in a meeting near his home of Chappaqua, in the State of New York, before traveling to Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Grand Rapids (Michigan), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and Raleigh (North Carolina). Donald Trump, himself, has provided five moves this Monday in Sarasota (Florida), North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan.

Trump and the end of “the establishment is corrupt”

Donald Trump, as usual, did not mince his words, during an electoral meeting in Sarasota, Florida, one of the “swing states”, State key election. “My contract with the voters american begins with a plan to put an end to the corruption of the government and to wrest our country -and the snatch quickly – to these pressure groups ‘that I know so well”, he started, claiming that his opponent Hillary Clinton “was protected by a system totally biased.”

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“I want the entire establishment of Washington to hear the words that we all pronounce when we will win tomorrow: we are going out to the backwater,” he said to his followers, who were immediately taken to heart a slogan of his favorites, “clean the swamp”. “I don’t understand why there is not anyone to its meetings”, has also asked the real estate mogul about his rival, democrat that he still qualified as a “baddie”.

The republican has accused the singers Jay Z and Beyoncé, who have come to support Hillary Clinton Friday night in Ohio with a concert giant, to have used the words “rude”. “Don’t you find that it’s amazing (that) Jay Z and Beyoncé use profanity in the song, using words that, if ever I said, to me that would be worth the electric chair?”, launched Donald Trump.

Clinton wants to be a unifying

“I want to be the president for all, those who vote for me and those who vote against me”, has declared Hillary Clinton near his home of Chappaqua, in the State of New York. “The task before me is to bring together the country”, added the candidate. “We will work until the last vote is counted,” she assured.

“The task before me is to bring together the country”, said the democrat, accusing his rival Donald Trump of having “exacerbated” by his rhetoric, the “fractures and divisions” among the Americans. “My mother always told me: anger is not a program”, she explained, denouncing the republican candidate. “Rattle, express yourself, but then roll up your sleeves, and work”.

In the cafes where she stopped, Hillary Clinton seemed relaxed. “I need your prayers”, was joking-it, and did not hesitate to repeat in a loop: “Go vote, I need you”. “Have you seen the three debates?” asked the candidate to his supporters, adding in a satisfied smile: “I have spent four and a half hours next to Donald Trump, proving once and for all that I had the endurance required to be a president!”

The trump Obama

Hillary Clinton, can count on an ally of weight in the campaign: u.s. president Barack Obama. This last was in Michigan on Monday. “Do for Hillary what you have done for me,” he launched in a public meeting of support for the candidate and a democrat. “You have the opportunity to elect the first woman president!”, he added before supporters of the candidate, chanting the slogan “Yes, we can!” of his own presidential campaign in 2008.

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“I know Hillary. She has devoted her life to making this country better,” he argued, encouraging Americans to go and vote for the former first lady. “Tomorrow you’ll have to choose between a politics of division and resentment, and (…) a policy that says ‘we are all more strong together’”, he said, echoing the campaign slogan of Hillary Clinton (“stronger together” in English).


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