Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election american : the global financial markets destabilisés by the victory of Donald Trump – The World

The victories of Donald Trump in a number of States-key causes a fall in the Nikkei and fold the price of oil. European markets are expected to open down on Wednesday morning.

The employees of the Tokyo stock Exchange following the results of the u.s. elections, in direct.

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The favorable results to the republican candidate to the White House Donald Trump were to unscrew the us markets on Tuesday, November 8 in the evening, in the futures contracts. Towards 22 h 10, New York (4: 10 pm in France), the futures contract on the Dow Jones index fell nearly 630 points, yielding 3.42 percent, while the one on the S&P 500 slipped 4 %, leaving 85 points. Hong kong loose near 3% Sydney 2 %, Shanghai 1.3% and Bombay up to 6 %.

The Nikkei index of the Tokyo stock Exchange which had opened on a moderate hike Wednesday, November 9, before hesitating, fell 6 % on Wednesday at a time of the closing, the market participants became increasingly concerned, a victory of Donald Trump in the american presidential election. The ministry of finance of japan, the Agency for financial services and the Bank of Japan (BoJ) decided on Wednesday an emergency meeting to examine the situation on the markets.

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The main european stock Exchanges are expected in a free-fall on Wednesday at the opening, in the wake of the places in asia. After the first indications available, the CAC 40 in paris, the Dax in Frankfurt and the FTSE in London are all expected to open down more than 4%.

The mexican peso is considered as ” a thermometer Trump “

on the side of The currency, the mexican peso fell on Wednesday, in asian trading, its lowest historical level, with traders fearing that a victory of Donald Trump at the end of a race to the White House that promises to be tight.

The mexican money, a barometer of the opinion of the markets in recent weeks on the outcome of the presidential election, american, dévissait to 20,3195 pesos to the dollar, compared 18,1634 pesos a little earlier.

” The election is crucial not only for the mexican peso, but Mexico, commented to Bloomberg Juan Carlos Rodado, a specialist on Latin America at Natixis in New York. in This election could determine the future of trade between the two countries and to question twenty years of economic integration. “

In one movement, the dollar fell to its share to 101.46 yen, against 105,24 yen. The euro was well oriented against the greenback, climbing to 1,1222 dollar, against 1,0989 dollar before.

gold’s safe-haven

In this context, the gold, a refuge, flies 5.4%, to 1,337 usd per ounce, against 1 268,30 dollars in the early morning. Investors rushed also on the debt market : the yield on u.s. Treasury 10-year fell to 1,729 %, compared to 1,867 % a few hours earlier.

finally, the decline in oil prices. The barrel of the light sweet crude (WTI), the benchmark u.s. crude for delivery in December, fell 1.67 dollars 43,31 dollars and a barrel of brent, the european reference, for delivery in January, gave up 1,46 dollar 44,58 dollars.

” The price of black gold will be a correction if Donald Trump is elected, has said Hong Sung Ki, a specialist based in Seoul raw material for Samsung Futures Inc. in The impact on prices could be stronger than the effect of Brexit. “

” For the second time this year, it seems that the markets have delivered poor prognoses. In June, they had banked on a continuation of the United Kingdom in the european Union [EU], this time they were placing a bet on a favourable outcome [the United States] with the victory of Clinton, and they may have been wrong “, responded Wednesday in a note to Craig Erlam, analyst at Oanda.


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