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Store closures Marks & Spencer: Why the sauce has not taken (despite all efforts) –

Marks and Spencer will close a quarter of its stores in the world, despite numerous attempts to rejuvenate its image, as here in his collaboration with british model David Gandy. – TPG/NEWSCOM/SIPA

SAVING The british firm will close more than a quarter of its brands of ready-to-wear in the world, to focus on the development of the branch food…

Here, it is finished. The british retailer Marks and Spencer (M & S) announced on Tuesday the closing of a hundred stores in the world : more than half in the United Kingdom, the rest in China, in France and in eight other european countries. A few years after his return in france, the british retailer will close its seven stores French ready-to-wear, which now employ about 500 employees.

millions of euros of losses

In total, 53 of the 198 stores directly managed by the brand in ten countries will close their doors, more than a quarter of the shops of the brand. These points of sale are specialised in clothing and domestic equipment, an activity not very profitable, which weighed on its financial statements from the years. The main countries concerned are China (ten stores) and France. The seven points of sale in france, including its brand symbol, the avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris, should definitely lower the curtain by 12 to 18 months, ” said a spokesperson for the group.

in The past year, all of the stores managed directly by Marks and Spencer in over a dozen countries have lost a total of 45 million pounds (50 million euros) for a turnover of 171 million pounds (190 million euros). The group as a whole has suffered a net loss of 58 million pounds during the half year (€65 million), compared to net income of 140,6 million pounds (158 million euros) in the past year comparable period.

A new slap after the hammering of the M & S in 2001, which had left the French market due to lack of clients. “At the time, M & S had closed all of its stores in France by failing to adapt to the French market, but instead to replicate its uk model, says Rodolphe Hottie, CEO of CA COM, group marketing communications specialist distribution. not to mention that she had seen too grand opening of the shops of the gigantic rents sky-high, with the end of the account turnover per square metre not at all profitable “. Strong of this report, M & S had made a comeback in France, the more targeted and rational this time, as of 2011.

An offer that has not found its audience

But why such a rout today ? The question arises all the more as other heavy weights of the ready-to-wear british -Topshop and Primark – continue to gain market share. “The clothing market is very versatile and M & S has not been able to take the right turn in the face of the textile giants such as H & M, Zara or even Primark, capable of offering new collections every month,” said Rodolphe Hottie.

for a Long time, M & S has dragged a brand image a bit old-fashioned, with clothing lines not very current, not to say old. And has never really managed to rectify the situation. However, this is not for lack of trying to rejuvenate its image. Nothing in 2016, the brand is supported by the services of the it-girl Alexa Chung, who has signed two capsule collections for the brand, thus capitalizing on the sexiness of the fashionista English.

The last date to which the young woman has reinterpreted classics of the brand, has been launched a few days ago, and has been of mixed mind. There are the conquered to one side, for which the collaboration is a success that supersedes broadly speaking, that deKenzo with the Swedish giant H & M.

And the other, obviously not convinced by those looks. “M & S was planted with his clothes… It’s easy to understand why the giant of the sale reduced its workforce “, tackle a unique user on Twitter.

” That’s why Alexa Chung should not play with M & S “, post another, referring to a ticket assassin on a blog.

M & S also has tried to conquer new consumers – and consumers — by launching a capsule collection of below male created and embodied by british model in vogue, David Gandy (who had already lent his face to the brand), who are experiencing a degree of resonance.

Some clients venturing even in the section men of the shops, M & S ” by accident “.

But all these marketing operations have clearly not met with the desired success.

A cardboard to M & S food

However, the fans chicken korma and shortbreads do not give in to the panic. All is not lost for M & S, because if the british retailer has not delighted the crowd side look, side food, the firm does not know the crisis. The new director of the group, Steve Rowe, arrived in the beginning of the year to revive the brand, now wants to capitalize on its food products, which are snapped up like hotcakes.

” The losses incurred by the company prevent redeploy full version food, says Rodolphe Hottie. M & S is a brand that has a recognized value in the fridges but not in the closets : the hybrid model mi-ready-to-wear, mid-food is not tenable. On the other hand, the closure of all of these stores can allow the brand to reposition and redeploy internationally, ” continues the specialist of the distribution. The snacks and the cooking of the world like and there is room in the market for the food model M & S, which was able to be open to franchises and gain clientele “.

the success of the branch food is such that a petition has been launched on Changes to to convince the brand to open an M & S Food in Bordeaux.

M & S to open approximately 200 new stores, ” Simply Food “, which are sold fresh products, cooked dishes and other spirits, by the spring of 2019. A new that delights already fans of the small plates of the sign. “The fact that M & S opens tons of Simply Food makes me so happy, just tweet a consumer. Their clothes are afraid, but their food is divine “.

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