Thursday, February 18, 2016

The reform of labor law revives divisions left – Le Point

Satisfaction of MEDEF, spoiled PS and wrath of “slingers” Bill on Labour, to be presented on March 9 in the Cabinet, promises new lively debates in Parliament, the Minister Myriam El Khomri n not excluding a priori the use of 49-3.

the text provides inter alia to dedicate the primacy of the company agreement on the branch in terms of flexibility of working time, a ceiling prud’homales of compensation for challenging a dismissal, creating a personal account activity (CPA) and measures on the dismissal for “lift afraid to hire”, in the words of Minister Labour to Echoes.

Myriam El Khomri quickly leapt to defend his project one day after submitting it to the Board? State, perhaps anticipating the reactions on one of the last five years of the reforms of François Holland.

Describing his reform “significant change of philosophy”, she even slipped it did not exclude the use of 49-3, saying it would take Manuel Valls and “responsibilities “.

last year, the use of the liability on the government on Macron law had already earned the executive, the fragile majority, a volley of criticism on a” transition strength “.

If the minister? s Economy Emmanuel Macron hailed a” major reform “, critics of the new text does not expect left.

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis said it would be “hard to vote” reform “in the state” because it “does not show a balance between flexibility and security.” For the first secretary of the PS, this is particularly the issue of redundancy that stuck: “all that is in the text” on the topic “questionable”

A component also found “dangerous”. by CFDT since it may as is “to organize a competition between the European subsidiaries of the same group” and “weakening the french employees”

-. the 49-3, we is not there ‘-

the text, which must happen according to Manuel Valls early April to the Assembly for adoption “by the end of June,” has been called “blasting code of work “by the national secretary of the PCF Pierre Laurent and do not pass to the slingers of the PS.

the Christian Paul member spoke of” itinerant scandal “concerning the capping of benefits to prud ‘ men to 15 months’ salary and denounced “highly objectionable features” the 35 hours and the right of dismissal. Laurent Baumel spoke of a “generally useless reform”.

The former minister Benoît Hamon denounced him a text that “obviously does not go” to the unions “from all faiths.” He announced “extremely intense discussions” on a reform that “will not be a matter of a few rebellious against the government.”

“The minister anticipates the fact of not having the majority,” he -t he assured describing the hypothesis of 49-3 brandished by Myriam El Khomri “very bad way.”

“no one can discover that in the parliamentary palette, there is the 49- 3. But it is not there. it is at the stage where we need to convince, “says one at Matignon, underlining” the very strong things to the rights of employees, “including the” revolution “CPA. “Our desire is to reform”, do we insist.

More consensual, a “right to disconnect” also entered the labor code.

for employers and the right reform “is going in the right direction”, a phrase in every Thursday mouths. The representatives of employers Pierre Gattaz (Medef) and François Asselin (CGPME) welcomed the bill, the first calling for the government to “stay the course”.

Mr. Asselin remained more cautious awaiting the final text and defended the new framework for redundancy, which will “avoid different assessments from one jurisdiction to another.”

In republicans, secretary general Eric Woerth was satisfied that his party was “heard”.

Conversely, Marine Le Pen has called this word “regression for all.” “This project is clearly inspired Brussels, as part of the austerity enacted by a European Union roadmap at bay, which seeks to impose itself as the only possible way general insecurity”, denounced Thursday the Front President National

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