Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rennes – Farmers: a new show of force expected in Rennes – The Express

At the call of the FRSEA and JA de Bretagne, Breton farmers, reinforced by those of the Channel and Mayenne are invited to “ take possession ” Rennais device on board their tractors in the late morning Wednesday. Hundreds of farm equipment and protesters are expected.

Because of this event, Patrick Strzoda, Prefect of the Brittany region, said Tuesday that the ring road of Rennes will be closed from 11:00 to 17:00 and asked road users to exercise “ calm and patience . ” He met with farm leaders who “ have taken very firm commitment to stay on the ring road ” without attempting to block the city entrances, “ and commit no degradation “, he told AFP.

More than 300 police and gendarmes will be deployed to ensure the movement of vehicles on the deviations in place for transit traffic but also to go out or come in Rennes, said the prefect. A hotline has been set up ( to inform road users.

For the organizers, who want to make this great event “ a showcase of distress in the agricultural world ” the goal is clear: to maintain pressure on the state and supermarkets.

While trade negotiations between distributors and processors coming to an end and the government begins to sing his usual promises, do not give in to the lullaby of the state and GMS (large and hypermarkets, ie) looking to get to sleep “, said Tuesday in a statement the presidents of the FDSEA and JA of Ille-et-Vilaine.

– “ It must be good ” –

The farmers, causing many blockages of central purchasing and stores them days, ask the MSG out of the logic of falling prices to enable producers to recover margins.

From the state that they wish to implement a simplification of standards, lower expenses, but also to the lifting of the Russian ban or labeling on the origin of products, as recalled Monday the head of the FNSEA Xavier Beulin, while gathered in Brussels the European Ministers of Agriculture.

Mr. Beulin, which is to meet on Wednesday, Prime Minister Manuel Valls, should ask for a drop of 10 points in payroll taxes for farmers, 45 to 35%, a measure amounted to 600 million euros, to allow the French Agriculture become competitive against European competitors.

We will have no response Wednesday night, we will have no special announcement. All played behind the scenes. But one thing is certain, the mobilisations of recent weeks do move the lines . It must be good “, said Tuesday the agricultural officials of Ille-et-Vilaine.

For a month the farmers multiply actions in France, mainly in Britain. In this region, we lost count of the roadblocks that sometimes taking several days, with a lot of various fires and spills tons of manure and waste that has already caused almost € 4 million in damage, according the regional prefecture.

For Wednesday’s event, organizers however urged their troops to show “ in respect of goods and people .” “ The Ring of Rennes should not be a dumping ground of Britain: while unloading will be done under the full responsibility of the driver “, they warned.


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