Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fir: “We are in the shelter of a crash but no turbulence” – Le Figaro

Growth resumes “but not enough to reduce unemployment,” said Tuesday the Minister of Finance. In view of market volatility, Michel Sapin has sought reassurance, saying that “banks are stronger” than in 2008.

growth, redundancies, EDF … Invited to BFMTV, Michel Sapin wanted to reassure Tuesday morning, saying banks were stronger than in 2008 and that growth resumed. Le Figaro makes the point.

• A 1.5% growth in 2016

Minister of Finance confirmed the 1.5% growth target for the year 2016. the growth resumes, “but not enough to reduce unemployment,” he said into the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin. Instability facing markets now, Michel Sapin has sought reassurance. “Do not confuse instability, volatility, where one day it down and one day it goes, with what happened in 2008. The banks are stronger, he said. We are immune to krack but no turbulence “

• Responsibility Pact. Employers insufficient commitments

” I think it is a warning that Manuel Valls wanted to give, “explained Michel Sapin, returning to the remarks of the Prime Minister after a meeting of the monitoring committee of public support. The commitments of the employers are “not satisfactory”, had then said Manuel Valls, threatening the social partners to repackage or even redirect, aid to other companies. “The social partners committed themselves to binding agreements, recalled this morning Michel Sapin. We have a section to implement in 2017. There is no reason at the employers side not to sign “

• El-Khomri Act. To simplified redundancies ?

Michel Sapin also returned the bill to the Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri. Les Echos revealed Monday that two tracks were considered by the government to secure this type of dismissal. “We have to simplify the labor code. It must facilitate trading in the company, reiterated the Minister of Finance. If simplify means you can throw when you want an employee, no. If the question is to clarify the economic reasons, it can be a good thing. “

• Dividends in shares of EDF

The owner of French energy giant announced the results down. “The problem is that the market price is low today, noted Michel Sapin. The state, 85% shareholder receives a dividend. “Until now, it was in cash, I think we can not continue the same way, said Minister of Finance. I preferred this to be in action, and I think that’s where we’re going. ” An announcement confirmed this morning by the group itself.


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