Tuesday, February 16, 2016

agricultural crisis: Brussels asks member states proposals – Liberation

The European Commission on Monday urged the 28 EU members to hand over proposals facing the agricultural crisis, before a meeting in Paris on 25 February, when rumbling anger French farmers.

“as Commissioner (European) for Agriculture, I can not be satisfied with the current situation of farmers, and I understand that the situation requires not only a response from each member state, but also a response at EU, “said EU Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan, after a meeting of the 28 EU agriculture ministers in Brussels.

He asked a list of measures “new and innovative”, which will be evaluated by the EU executive.

“the Commissioner (…) has noted the seriousness of the situation,” welcomed the French Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll, who announced a visit of Mr. Hogan on 25 February in Paris and a meeting with Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

the Commissioner “eager to go to Paris, “but deferred any decision to the next Council of Agriculture Ministers in Brussels on 14 March.

” the french farmers are facing great difficulties, I admit, “argued Mr. Hogan, but “it may still take time to get a broad consensus” among the 28 ministers, he added.

when the ministerial meeting was held in Brussels , french farmers, who report too low during their productions, took several actions on Monday in the west and center of the country

french -Agriculteurs angry -.

Thursday evening, President Francois Hollande promised that “things were moving” in this agricultural board.

Given the increasing number of demonstrations by farmers in France, Paris has proposed a memorandum of proposals to support markets in crisis, it has presented to the other Member States during an informal lunch.

“Several Member States have expressed their concern and made clear that the situation in the dairy sectors pigmeat was to improve urgently, “said for his part the Dutch presidency by its Minister Martijn Van Dam.

Poland and Spain in particular have also by serious problems, which did not falter five months after the activation of a European emergency plan for 500 million euros, mainly in the form of national envelopes for direct aid.

“Everyone made the observation that these proposals were not allowed, far from it, to be at the height of the situation we face,” said Dr. Le Foll.

Mr. Hogan was receptive to the ideas advanced by Paris, such as export credits or demand, pressing, lifting the sanitary embargo imposed by Russia. “He also considered the need to find current production management solutions,” added the French minister.

He has, as such, denounced the spiral “extremely dangerous” increase milk production in Europe, driven by lower prices but that only increases the deflationary pressure.

Any extra measure of support should meet three criteria, for its part, insisted Mr. Hogan . be compatible with the common agricultural Policy and the budgetary constraints of the Union, in addition to getting a “broad support” of the 28

the half billion released by Brussels was spent through national envelopes and support measures such as private storage aid, a measure that supported the price of pork in January but to which, for example, France has little involvement.

Twelve states already supported in France for the activation of additional measures, reported Mr Le Foll during his press conference.



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