Monday, January 9, 2017

Washington – Fiat Chrysler will create 2.000 jobs in the United States – The Express

The automaker will invest one billion dollars by 2020 in two of its plants in Michigan and Ohio (north-east), where will be created the new jobs, to assemble especially his new Jeep luxurious Wagoneer and a pickup, says its press release issued on the eve of the opening of the Detroit auto show.

It will also produce in its plant in Warren (Michigan) a big pickup truck to shelf (pickup) – brand Ram, which is currently manufactured in Mexico.

(The group) provides a further demonstration of its commitment to strengthening its manufacturing base in the United States,” says Fiat Chrysler, taking care to add that he created the 25,000 jobs in the country since 2009.

The message seems to be indirectly aimed at Mr Trump, who has been elected on the promise to bring back industrial jobs to the United States and that has multiplied the threats against automotive giants, accused of setting up their factories in Mexico to produce cheaper cars for the United States.

- Ford has abdicated -

Via tweets interposed Mr Trump, who will take office on January 20, and taken turns at number one on the american sector, General Motors and the world leader, the japanese Toyota, assuring that he would not hesitate to make them pay “heavy taxes border” if they do not change course.

The two groups, of which the price has been immediately troubled by these threats, have responded by ensuring to continue to invest in the United States.

Also harshly criticised by the president-elect during his campaign, the american Ford, himself, decided Tuesday to abdicate by cancelling the construction of a plant to 1.6 billion dollars in Mexico to invest in its existing facilities in Michigan and create 700 jobs.

The constructor, number 2 american, has claimed that “vote of confidence” in the economic agenda of the future president of the united states, which has decided to slash the corporate income tax.

Fiat Chrysler, has for the moment been spared the attacks of the president-elect but is, however, far from being at the shelter. He has recently transferred to Mexico the production of its Jeep Compass, which will begin to be exported to the United States from the end of January.

bailed out in 2009 by public funds while he was on the edge of bankruptcy, it has three industrial sites in Mexico –Toluca, Ramos Arizpre and Saltillo– where it produces primarily pickups, but also the Fiat Fremont and the Fiat 500.

- “We are pragmatic” –

other automotive groups have, them, in advance come up clean, willing to adapt to the new reality in american policy.

We are pragmatic, we will adapt to any situation, provided that this is the same rule for all“, reported Thursday, Carlos Ghosn, the boss of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

Mr. Trump may in any case claim a new political success, having already obtained in December –subject to a gift tax of $ 7 million– the manufacturer of air conditioners Carrier that he withdraws to create a plant in Mexico to invest in the United States and create 1,000 jobs.

The automotive industry has used the agreement of Nafta, which allows him, under certain conditions, and without customs duties, export to the United States of goods produced in Mexico where labor is less expensive.

During the campaign, this free-trade agreement signed in 1994 has been relentlessly attacked by Mr. Trump, who has promised to renegotiate or denounce it purely and simply.


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