Sunday, January 8, 2017

United states: Fiat Chrysler announced the creation of 2,000 jobs –

An assembly line of Fiat Chrysler in Canada (illustration). Carlos Osorio/AP/SIPA

AUTOMOTIVE The announcement comes as Donald Trump has multiplied this week’s attacks against the giants of the automotive…

The threats of the future american president begin to bear fruit ? The group Fiat Chrysler announced on Sunday the creation of 2,000 jobs in the United States at a time when car manufacturers are forced by Donald Trump to curb their relocation to Mexico.

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The manufacturer of american-Italian will invest a billion dollars by 2020 in two of its plants in Michigan and Ohio, where will be created the new jobs, thus ensuring to “strengthen its manufacturing base” in the United States, stated in its press release issued on the eve of the opening of the Detroit auto show.

The announcement comes especially when the future american president, elected on the promise to bring back industrial jobs to the United States, has multiplied this week’s attacks against the giants of the auto, accused of setting up their factories in Mexico to produce cheaper cars for the United States.

Via tweets interposed, Donald Trump, who will take office on January 20, and taken turns at number one on the american sector, General Motors and the world leader, the japanese Toyota. Also harshly criticised by the president-elect, american Ford has decided Tuesday to abdicate by cancelling the construction of a plant in Mexico to invest in its existing facilities in Michigan and create 700 jobs.

Fiat Chrysler, has for the moment been spared the attacks of the elected president but, however, is not at the shelter. He has recently transferred to Mexico the production of its Jeep Compass, which will begin to be exported to the United States from the end of January.

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