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Toyota to turn in the viewfinder of Donald Trump – The Cross

Présentation of Toyota Concept-i at the las Vegas show, January 4, 2017.


Presentation of Toyota Concept-i at the las Vegas show, January 4, 2017. / Frederic J. Brown/AFP

The u.s. president-elect Donald Trump has threatened the giant japanese car Toyota of retaliation customs if he went on an investment in Mexico, a statement that has caused them to lose Friday’s session more than 3% in the group.

With this threat, Donald Trump, who will take office on January 20, maintains unprecedented pressure on the big industrial groups to ensure that they remain in the United States.


This is again by a tweet furious that the president-elect lashed out Thursday at the number one global automotive, accusing him of wanting to build a factory in Mexico to produce cars for the us market.

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” NO way ! Build factories in the United States, or pay significant taxes at the border, “, tweeted Donald Trump, having already waved a similar threat on Tuesday against the american General Motors.

Decline in stock price

In his message, the future us president is a small confusion in referring to a ” new works “ that the japanese group is planning to ” Baja, Mexico “, so that the site already exists since 2002. Toyota built well, but in another region of Mexico, the Bajio.

the Tokyo stock Exchange on Friday, Toyota ended down 1.68 per cent after having temporarily ceded greater than 3 %, Nissan ended down 2.20% and Honda of 1.90 %.

Blasting of the political uses

With this new threat, Donald Trump, who has already totally messed up the rules of the game during his election campaign, continues to blow the political uses by going publicly to large companies, a practice hitherto rare in the United States.

On Twitter, on Tuesday, the future president had asked General Motors, the first manufacturer in the u.s., manufacture in the United States its cars for the american market, under penalty of paying a ” heavy tax border “.

Ford has abdicated

Stunned, the group of Detroit (north) had immediately issued a press release to ensure that only a small part of its mexican production came on the u.s. market.

Also harshly criticized by Donald Trump for its relocation, the american group Ford has abdicated abdicating Tuesday to build a plant in Mexico, investing in an installation already existing in the state of Michigan (northern United States) and create 700 jobs.

questioning of Nafta

even Before his assumption of office, Donald Trump seeks to discourage the car manufacturers to use the agreement Nafta that allows them, under certain conditions, and without customs duties, export to the United States of goods produced in Mexico.

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During the campaign, this free trade agreement, signed in 1994, to which Canada is also a partner, has been relentlessly attacked by Donald Trump, who has promised to renegotiate or denounce it purely and simply.

” We are pragmatic “

” We are pragmatic, we will adapt to any situation, provided that this is the same rule for all “, however, put into perspective, on Thursday, the boss of the Renault-Nissan alliance, Carlos Ghosn, when asked at a press conference on the risk of a closure of u.s. borders.

” Nothing has happened so far “, he, however, noted. the ” What I hear in the program of the elected president, these are two things : America first, and the jobs in the United States. (…) There is nothing incompatible with what we do “.

Not just the car

The automotive industry, which meets next week at the Detroit auto show, seems to be the privileged target of Donald Trump but it is not the only one to suffer its attacks.

He was taken in December at the american group of defense Lockheed Martin because of the cost of his plane F-35 fighter, which would be ” out of control “, and the american company Boeing, accused of building a presidential plane is too expensive. the ” costs soar, more than four billion dollars. Cancel the order!!! “, he tweeted.

These admonitions have a direct effect : the decrease in the Stock price and the disappearance of millions of dollars of market capitalization.

New level

With this new attack, Donald Trump goes to a new level by taking for the first time to a foreign group, showing that his wrath will not stop at the borders.

The offensive is in any case doubly ironic for the japanese giant. According to the Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Toyota had just posted its proximity with the elected president of the american. the ” If you look at the long-term, we’re going in the same direction “, had said Akio Toyoda in front of the press.

Toyota ensures that make part of the social fabric american ‘

Finally, the plant that the group built in Mexico will be no impact on employment in the United States that Donald Trump shows them as a priority. In its latest financial report, the japanese group ensured that the production of the Corolla model referred to by Donald Trump would be transferred from Canada to Mexico.

” The volume of production or employment in the United States will not decline as a result of our new factory “ of mexico, has responded to the group japan, ensuring part ” the social fabric “ in the us for almost 60 years.

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