Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Theresa May seeks to strengthen links with the United States, the privileged ally – The World

The “special relationship” as claimed by London and Washington is an asset in political debate within the uk, even more since the Brexit.

Theresa May to Brussels on December 15, 2016.

Theresa May has not skimped on the symbol. On December 29, 2016, it was offered by mail to the president-elect Donald Trump a copy of a message addressed to the american people by Winston Churchill, ” the most famous of the Anglo-American “, in 1941, just after the japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. The former prime minister was, according to Mme May, ” a sense of unity and fraternal association between the United Kingdom and the United States ” , which she wrote to Mr Trump, ” is just as real today as in the past.”

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Asset in the political debate british, even more since the Brexit, the ” special relationship “ claimed by the United Kingdom with its former american colony had been put to the test when Barack Obama, shortly before the referendum, had threatened the British to be relegated to ” in the end of the list “ for a free-trade agreement with the United States, if they went out of the EU. Donald Trump, himself, had immediately welcomed the Brexit and promised to replace London in the first position.

But, in November, the british press, the heart-broken, had considered it a humiliation that the president just elected not to call Mme May after the presidents egyptian, indian, and even irish. Not that she had tasted his suggestion to appoint the former leader of the far-right british Nigel Farage, his first visitor of the european after his election as ambassador to Washington.


The first minister then embarked on an intense company of tailism with respect to the extreme positions of Mr. Trump on the israeli policy. While the United Kingdom has been, alongside of Egypt, one of the authors of the draft resolution 2334 to the security Council of the united nations, condemning israeli colonization in the west bank and has been voted the 23rd of December, Theresa May has made a volte-face.

on The 30th of December, its spokesman had criticized remarks by u.s. secretary of State John Kerry, calling on the Netanyahu government ” a coalition of the right-most of the history of israel “. colonization ” is far from the only problem in this conflict “, was estimated to Downing Street, adding that it was ” not appropriate to criticise the composition of the democratically elected government of an ally “. A week later, London has turned a blind eye to the actions of a member of the Israel embassy, as revealed by a story, hidden camera of Al-Jazeera, discussing the way to compromise a british minister hostile to the israeli colonization.

The last episode of this curious business of seduction took place when London was snubbed in Paris by claiming the status of a mere observer to the conference on the middle East organized by the France, this weekend. Not only the United Kingdom has been the only one among the more than seventy participants not to sign the final declaration, but it was prevented, on Monday, January 16, the validation of its findings by the EU in spite of its status as an outgoing member of the Union. Boris Johnson, the minister of foreign affairs, has even won the support of its counterparts, Hungarian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Czech in his refusal.


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