Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The tech French at the appointment of THESE Las Vegas – Le Figaro

For the fiftieth edition of the ces trade show of consumer electronics which will open Thursday in Las Vegas will see the French companies in greater numbers than ever before, a sign of a scene technological hexagon which is emboldened to the international.

With nearly 275 exhibitors, France will be the third delegation in the living room, far behind the United States and China, with respectively 1,700 and 1.300 participants.

The Consumer Electronics Show (ces) is prepared for a long time by companies in search of notoriety, trying to break into the american market.

Among the approximately 570 of start-ups in Eureka Park, the area that is reserved for, 178 will be French, which is four times more than four years ago, according to the label French Tech.

Helped for some by the public agency, Business France, responsible for the internationalization of SMES in france, the exhibitors reflect this year’s trends in consumer electronics, with a focus on the internet of things.

artificial intelligence, alternative realities, as well as drones and autonomous cars are also expected this year.

televisions still higher resolution are also expected, with Samsung and Sony should try to compete with the Oled screens (organic light emitting diodes) including LG Display and its subsidiaries have the monopoly.

“One of the big themes will be about connectivity,” confided last week to Fox News ‘ Jeff Joseph, the communication director of the Consumer technology association (CTA), which organises the show.

“The internet of things, communication between vehicles, the voice command with things like Alexa and Google Home, and other types of content with high added value that can be transferred from one device to the other,” he added.

a Sign of the enthusiasm for connected objects, the”pregnant smart” from Amazon, Echo, and its voice recognition system Alexa, have recorded a strong finish to a year marked by stock-outs.

“the Entire spectrum of our existence”

The French Sevenhugs, distinguished himself by a reward from the living room in the category of home automation, is part of the same trend, with a universal remote control for connected objects (tv, speakers, thermostats, lighting, audio, etc.).

For its director-general Simon Tchedikian, which exhibited for the third time in THIS, the year 2017 will be dedicated to the implementation in-store of its “smart remote”, with a calendar filled with appointments with retailers for marketing in September in the United States and Europe.

“The United States is a necessary step: for a product to succeed it is necessary first that he could succeed in the United States”, he said, after moving to San Francisco in September, while recognizing that the u.s. market, by its size, is also very expensive to conquer.

Distinguished also by a reward, the mobile application Digital Coach of the French Xooloo has delayed its launch in the United States for the benefit of a “salon” that she hopes rich in new contacts. The application of parental controls for smartphones of teenagers counts 10,000 users in France, after a launch in the autumn, reports its director-general Gregory Veret.

Gary Shapiro, the president of the CTA was announced in December that the show would cover this year “the entire spectrum of our existence”. Two new product categories have been added, the technologies of sleep and intelligent energies, while those dedicated to the cosmetic and early childhood have been developed.

autonomous Cars and virtual realities

Despite these developments, the dynamics at work during the previous editions, which are likely to strengthen.

If 2016 had seen car manufacturers join forces in the face of Silicon Valley, 2017 should see them tighten up their ranks after the testing of autonomous vehicles Uber or Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet-Google. and

The space dedicated to autonomous vehicles this year, 10 exhibitors, including Honda, Delphi Automotive or oem French Valeo.

Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Toyota or Nissan will be present to defend their progress in the field on the side of Tesla and Faraday in the Future, with which they will occupy nearly a quarter of the surface area of the living room. The CEO of Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn will count among the nine keynote speakers chosen for the edition in 2017.

at his side, the CEO of the giant semiconductor, Qualcomm , Steve Mollenkopf, one of Huawei, Richard Yu, or Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia chips will represent the heavyweights of the industry.

After a year 2016 is marked by the success of the augmented reality game Pokemon Gb, space official devoted to the technology will have twenty exhibitors, compared to over 70 for games, virtual reality, nearly double that of the edition of 2016.

Oculus, a subsidiary of Facebook, which was announced last year the sale of its virtual reality helmet general public, will not have this time to his own stand.

visitors keen to experience virtual can turn towards the booth of Qualcomm, where a set of parallel reality, using a new processor in the group will plunge into the skin of the super-heroes of the 1990s, Power Rangers.


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