Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The price of the old building up in 2016 – Europe1

real estate professionals have the smile : 2016 has been a very good year in terms of sales. With a network of 850 branches in France, Century 21 took stock of the past year, on Tuesday during a press conference. Despite slightly higher pricing, transactions in the real estate old rose to a peak of 15.1% in 2016.

Changes in unequal prices. After five years of decline, the prices of the old building are finally up in 2016 : +1.7% on average, according to Century 21. An increase is unevenly distributed on the territory of metropolitan (cut by Century 21 with the old areas). The range of variation is wide : from-8.3% in the Limousin to +6.6% in the region of Aquitaine.


The m2 very expensive in the Île-de-France and PACA. The price movements are felt, logically, the price per m2 of old housing. According to Century 21, average is located 2.522 € and 18 of the 20 old metropolitan areas have a m2 between about 1,100 and 2,600 euros. The two territories are largely outside the lot : the paris region (even without including Paris, the average price of the m2 close 3.300 euros) and the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'azur (3538 euros).


Not enough new housing in Paris. in Paris, most expensive city of France, the price of real estate old rose 4.9% in 2016, and the m2 more than 8.400 euros. "This growth is fuelled by the fact that there is very little new housing in the capital", explained the president of Century 21 Laurent Vimont, the Figaro. "There is therefore an imbalance between supply and demand, with always more buyers for a number of property limited".

low interest Rates. The increase in global prices has been offset by the low interest rates that facilitated the borrowing and opened the market of the real estate to many buyers. As a result, transactions have reached a record level for Century 21, between 840.000 and 850,000, the level of the historical peak of 2011, stressed the president Laurent Vimont.

2017 in a good way. The positive momentum in the housing market, the former will continue in 2017, but at a slower pace. "Signals to alert us in the fourth quarter of 2016 regarding the potential risk of the hardening of the market," said Laurent Vimont in press conference. In effect, the sellers, at the end of the year, "have raised their monetary claims, and this immediately caused a lengthening of the time of sale and slowed down the activity," observes the president of Century 21. Prices are expected to continue to increase moderately in 2017 but unlike this year, the interest rates could well start rising. In December, they have very slightly increased to 1.34% in average, according to the observatory Credit Housing/CSA.


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