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The Halle aux shoes: “For the past four months, we don’t know where we’re going,” says a manager –

The brand of The Hall, which belongs to the group Vivarte. Photo illustration. – DR

TESTIMONIAL employees Of the group Vivarte (André, Naf Naf, La Halle aux chaussures, etc) show this Thursday in front of Bercy in Paris to alert on the (new) social plan that should be announced this month…

The hardest thing for Natasha, 41 years old, is the uncertainty. In September, his group, Vivarte, which owns multiple brands of ready-to-wear (André, Naf Naf, Minelli, Kookaï, etc), has announced his intention to give one hundred stores, The Halle aux shoes.

Since then, Natasha waits to know if the two stores that she runs will be on this list. “The seat was to give us an answer at the end of November, and then it was postponed to the end of January… For the past four months, we don’t know where it goes… For the past four months, I don’t know if I’m going to keep my job. It is really unbearable “.

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” I have no more spirits, “

This is even more so for this director, ” is to find the strength to motivate the teams.” She manages six employees in two shops located in Dordogne, Ribérac, the other to Chancelade. “We are in the countryside, then the vendors need to do a lot of road to come to work, they are part-time… With the prospect of a dismissal, they do not arrive. They say that it means nothing. And I have more and more sick “.

in the Face of his employees, Natacha tries to keep the smile, but the heart is not there. “To reassure them, I tell them that the branch is the maximum… But it is a bit of a lie. Because in fact, the group does not tells us absolutely nothing. I try to take the cap to the girls, but I can’t take it anymore… I no longer have to go “.

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Natasha is all the more “whereas” that she has the impression of having given everything for his group. It is input to the Halle aux shoes ten years ago, as a simple saleswoman. Work force, she climbed the ladder. “And this is how we are thanked… I find it really inhuman not to tell us what it is. You know, I really liked my job and my teaching… “.

Natacha speaks with emotion of his early years, when the stores went ” really well “. “It was always full, the families came to our home to put all of their children… “. And then, in 2012, the group has wanted to climb in the range, and the shelves are emptied. “It may be that in Bordeaux or Paris, it works, but in a campaign that is remote as ours, where families live with small wages, to sell the shoe expensive, it makes no sense ! “

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” The policy, I do not expect anything more “

Natasha would have loved to go to Paris on Thursday to participate in the gathering of the employees Vivarte. For those of the Halle aux shoes are not the only ones threatened. Patrick Puy, the new CEO of this group in structural difficulties since 2014 and is now held by funds called “vultures” by the trade unions, shall present in the coming days an umpteenth plan of reorganization. With, no doubt, of multiple layoffs at the key.

But Natacha can not release itself : “We have too little manpower to run the stores… “. And if the unions Vivarte must be received this Thursday to the ministry of Economy, Natacha does not have any illusions : “The policies, I do not expect anything more. If they were moved, they would have been able to save at least a few stores, a few families. But now, our group is so on the edge of the abyss… Our case has not been publicized, so that we are almost 17,000 employees. And all these policies, they think only of the primary and the presidential. We are not interested… All I see is that I’ll probably have to register soon to Pôle emploi. And that policy, they plan to decrease in unemployment benefits… “.

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