Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The duel between Airbus and Boeing in figures, Le Figaro

Less than a week after the American Boeing, European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has presented this Wednesday, its balance sheet annual trade. The opportunity for Le Figaro compare these two aerospace companies that share the market of the aircraft.

Four days after its rival Boeing, Airbus has published this Wednesday, its balance sheet annual trade. The European or the American, who has delivered more planes in 2016? Who has recorded the most orders? Who has the biggest turnover?

aircraft Orders: Airbus is still in the lead

With a book of 731 net orders recorded in 2016, the european airplane manufacturer, is ahead of its american competitor. Boeing has earned 668 net orders, compared with 768 at the end of 2015. For Airbus, these commands are however backward compared to 2015, where the european company had recorded 1036. For 2017, Airbus expects a drop in orders.

Deliveries of aircraft: Boeing remains ahead

Airbus has announced that it has delivered 688 aircraft in 2016. It is more than his goals to 670 devices. In spite of the difficulties encountered in the beginning of the year, in particular on the production of the A320 planes, the european manufacturer has beaten for the 14th consecutive year its record of deliveries. In 2015, he had already established a “record” with 635 aircraft deliveries against 629 in 2014. However, this record does not allow european aircraft manufacturer is ahead of its rival. Boeing is still the leader. The American announced last Friday that it had delivered 748 aircraft in 2016, up from 762 in the previous year. For 2017, Airbus hopes to deliver more than 700 aircraft.

turnover 2016: Boeing, a priori, before Airbus

It is the delivery of the aircraft that the airlines pay most of the price of a plane. In terms of turnover in 2016, Boeing remains logically number one, despite a balance sheet, a decrease compared to 2015. The value of orders placed with the American company accounted for 94,1 billion at list prices. For its part, Airbus announced that it had increased by 1% to an average list price of all of its devices.

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