Friday, January 20, 2017

The causes of the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 revealed before the conference, Samsung –

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The trials and tribulations of the world number one in smartphones with its Galaxy Note 7 offers an unexpected opportunity to its competitors

Epilogue of an investigation of several months, Samsung has to unveil this weekend or Monday, January 23, the reasons for the explosion of the battery of the Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone, including the sinking of industrial smash has poisoned its year-end 2016. Then he had to compete with the iPhone 7, and bring up the know-how of the Korean group in terms of telephony, the Note 7 has turned into a fiasco due to the propensity of the battery to explode, causing the first global vendor smartphone to withdraw it from the market and put in place a recall program of large-scale, less than two months after the beginning of its marketing. A transaction estimated at around 5 billion euros and a hard blow dealt to the image of the brand.

batteries, wrong sized

In its edition of Friday, January 20, the Wall Street Journal claims to have already aware of the findings of the investigation conducted by Samsung. Citing several sources close to the matter, the american daily newspaper said that the problems are a result of the size of the batteries and a fault in their design. The first explosions, which occurred a few days after the launch of Galaxy Note 7, have been concerned with the lithium-ion batteries developed by a subsidiary of Samsung, the sister company Samsung SDI. These were poorly designed and did not have enough room within the phone, causing overheating and combustion.

A rate of production too fast

In the margin of the first reminders of Note 7, as Samsung has requested to another company, ATL, to increase its rate of production to meet the strong demand of the public. A change of gear which would have resulted in the “manufacturing defects” in the batteries and caused the explosion of smartphones replacement sent by Samsung, writes the Wall Street Journal, the information on which echo those published earlier in the week by the Reuters news agency. The investigation was conducted by the south Korean group in the company of three specialized companies in quality control and audit of supply chains.

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