Friday, January 6, 2017

Support for the French Tech at ces in 2017 : it shakes the door –

over 300 companies in the digital sector or start-up united, who participated in THESE 2017, a series of political figures, professional organizations and groups French moved this year to support the community French Tech.

2017 is a special year because of the presidential election in France. Therefore, one perceives that interest to be more pronounced of the political class vis-à-vis the ecosystem of digital. But it is also the 50th anniversary of THESE. Anyway.

In the camp of the Republicans, the candidate François Fillon invested by the right to the Race to the Elysée has made the move, in the company of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Laurent Wauquiez, Laure of the Raudière and Frédéric Lefebvre.

The opportunity to multiply the meetings with the start-up (Navya, Qarnot, Dagoma, Shapeheart, Withings, Klaxoon, Netatmo/Legrand…) and contractors exhibitor on site, the selfies and the tweets to capture its slice of digital life.

In this universe geek, François Fillon is rather comfortable as he loves the new technologies to the point of self-described ” geek “. The candidate of the Republican spoke of his desire to make France a “smart nation” if he accedes to the presidency, while showing fascinated by the “great strides made in two years” in the field of the connected car.

Among his interventions, he spoke of “the transformation to digital” as the “engine of the economy” and the digital seen as a “sovereignty issue” .

According to Le Figaro, French prime minister François Fillon spoke of the creation of a ” independent contractor status who will have the opportunity to contract for a term of three years, without the possibility for the labour inspectorate to reclassify these contracts in contract work “.

Axelle Lemaire : the art of the violin in 3D and reverse the table

Side government, Michel Sapin, and Axelle Lemaire have also taken the time to discuss with the community French Tech on-site, taking the time to attend demos products.

The opportunity to see the secretary of State of the Digital and Innovation playing “La Marseillaise” on the violin created in 3D by the start-up 3Dvarius.

A small joke on the briefs anti-wave to the men in order to protect the genitals of the electromagnetic waves produced by the phones has caused a certain buzz.

” To support the French Tech, it was necessary to overthrow the table “, referred to the secretary of State of the Digital and Innovation, in an interview in Paris just before his departure for Las Vegas. “A young person in France says he wants to create his own company. This cultural revolution, it is the left that has done this. “

accompanying Michel Sapin, Axelle Lemaire paid a visit to start-up companies such as BeWell Connect, SimForHealth, Famoco, but also the booths of groups such as Dassault Systems or The Position.

A small working lunch has also been organised on the theme of the attractiveness with the entrepreneurs of the Tech. But it was the pure representation : no government’s announcement has not been issued on the occasion of this tour showroom at ces in Las Vegas.

MEDEF, CIGREF, ARCEP…Many delegations in THESE

In the series of the professional organizations on the spot, Pierre Gattaz, President of MEDEF, has also made the trip to Las Vegas. But it is hard to find a photo on which we find the members of the government at his side.

The agreement appeared to be more cordial in 2014 with the MEDEF at the genesis of the program, the French Tech when Fleur Pellerin was in charge of the portfolio of the digital Economy.

This edition 2017 of the ces in Las Vegas was also a first for Sébastien Soriano to the presidency of the ARCEP. Unlike his predecessor, he took the habit of coming in large conventions, high-tech.

It was also an opportunity to visit the stand of The Post in full transformation to digital. A domain is just as interesting in the light of the regulatory functions in the postal sector assigned to ARCEP.

A delegation CIGREF, led by its President Pascal Buffard, was also on hand. In mid-December, the professional organization had published a report on the impact of the integration of connected objects in the business.

The French Tech has a degree of expertise in IoT, which translates into a multitude of start-ups that take a position on this segment.

The news will continue next week on this topic : Laure of The Raudière (mp, LR, Eure-et-Loir) and Corinne Erhel (mp PS, Cotes d’armor) will release their report on The Internet of things, which loop-finding mission carried out for the account of the commission of Economic Affairs of the National Assembly.

Finally, through the tweets disseminated on the occasion of the session of THESE 2017, you may have seen the ” Orange team “, including Stéphane Richard (ceo), Pierre Louette (DGA), and Georges Nahon (Orange Labs, San Francisco), in the process of testing the concept car from BMW.

Knowing that the telecom operator is also involved in an experiment 5G with Ericsson and PSA presented on-site.

(photo Credit : @FranceinLA)


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