Monday, January 2, 2017

Spring : an agreement on Sunday work finally concluded – The World

The brand joins, in the capital city, Galleries Lafayette and Le Bon Marché, open Sundays, starting this year.

An agreement on the Sunday work has been concluded between the management of the stores (Printemps and the trade unions. The UNSA has confirmed, Monday, 2 January, having signed the text, allowing the unions signatory to exceed the 30% threshold of votes in professional elections, which is necessary to ratify such an agreement.

This relates mainly to the flagship store of the boulevard Haussmann in Paris, as well as those of Deauville, Marseille Terrasses du Port and Cagnes-sur-Mer. All of these stores are classified in the tourist areas international (ZTI) established by the law Macron and allowing all shops to open every Sunday of the year if an agreement can be reached with the trade unions.

The UNSA-Spring, ” after you have obtained guarantees from management on the key points that prevented validate the agreement [...] has decided to become a signatory “, argued by the union in a press release.

Before Christmas, the UNSA-Spring had, however, announced not to be a signatory and called for a referendum of the company to request their notice to employees. The union blamed, in particular the text does not take into account the trainers (employees of marks), ” who represent two-thirds of the employees present on the sales floor “, and offer inadequate guarantees on job creation.

The CGT opposed

The UNSA has finally decided to sign the text of 30 December, on the eve of the deadline set by the directorate. Since the 1st January, under the law work, to be able to apply, a company agreement on working time should receive the endorsement of unions representing 50 % of the vote, against 30 % up here.

Three unions representing approximately a total of 42 % of the votes in the last professional elections signed : UNSA, CFDT and CFE-CGC. Only, the CFDT and the CFE-CGC did not reach the threshold of 30 %. As for the CGT, the majority 45,87 %, it remains opposed to Sunday work.

The project distinguishes workers ” usual “ Sunday (from twelve Sundays annual worked) and occasional, all of a proposed increase of 100 % (paid double) and assistance with child care (60 euros for up to 15 years). Only the workers occasional are eligible to a compensatory rest.

A commission of follow-up

Spring was the last sign of the large stores not to have signed an agreement on the work Sunday. After a first failed attempt, in October, discussions for the department store Printemps Haussmann, the brand had re-opened negotiations in November, this time for the whole of its eighteen schools.

The management has promised to hold a meeting of the monitoring committee by the end of January, with commitments in terms of employment and on the terms and conditions of opening.

With this agreement, Spring joined Galeries Lafayette and Le Bon Marché, open Sundays, starting this year, as well as the BHV-Marais (Galeries Lafayette group), open every Sunday since July having been the first to reach an agreement in November 2015.

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