successful take-Off for the rocket Bottle 9 of SpaceX, Saturday 14 January 2017 in California. – HO / SPACEX / AFP

The us company SpaceX has launched Saturday in California its rocket Falcon 9 with ten small satellite communication company Iridium. It is, therefore, the resumption of flights four months after a explosion in Florida. Falcon 9 has ripped off its not firing on the air base of Vandenberg as expected at 17h54 GMT (9h54 local).

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The first floor, the top of 41 meters for a rocket making 70 metres in total, is separated from the rest of the launcher 2 minutes 27 after take-off and then began shortly after his return to Earth. He has turned on several times its rétrofusées to brake his speed and landed 7 minutes 49 later on a floating platform in the Pacific, according to images broadcast by SpaceX.

This is the sixth success of this difficult manoeuvre for the company, which has already been proven to the first floor three times in the sea, and twice on the ground in Florida. The company has thus, by recovering the most expensive part of the launcher, drastically reduce its costs of implementation on-orbit. The second stage of Falcon 9 is expected to deploy ten satellite Iridium low-earth orbit about an hour after take-off. The deployment is to last fifteen minutes.

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