Monday, January 9, 2017

Retirement: you can now perform all of its efforts online – Le Figaro

The ministry of social Affairs and the Cnav have presented this Monday a new service for the insured under the general scheme.

More than 40 years to accumulate retirement rights… a half-hour to close the business. It is the promise of the ministry of social Affairs and the national Fund for old-age insurance (Cnav), which were presented this Monday a new service allowing insured under the general scheme as to make their application for pension in full online.

The goal of the website is to simplify this important step in the life of the insured. Until today, he had to make an appointment with an advisor from the Cnav, wait at least a fortnight, and move to the agency with the supporting documents requested.

today, the entirety of this step can be conducted online, download of documentary evidence, that it is sufficient to photograph with his mobile phone. The insured a little less comfortable with new technologies, however, can continue to do this approach in the agency, with a counselor. Or fill in his application on the website and send the supporting documents by Mail.

once authenticated, many fields are pre-populated, as on the website of the income tax. The site also integrates itself with the parts in the possession of the Cnav. Are, therefore, requested to the insured as those which are missing, such as the family book in case of children, the latest pay slips or the last notice of taxation.

This service is for the moment available only for the insured under the general scheme, which must at the same time continue to contact their(s) system(s) complementary(s) to obtain a full pension. For memory, the amount paid by the general regime represents the quasi-totality of the pension of a worker earning the smic, and about half of that of a part, the rest being paid by Agirc and Arrco.

650.000 insured should liquidate their retirement in 2017. The Cnav is hoped that about 30% of them will use its website. And by 2019, these are all retirees, regardless of their plans (public service, mutual agricultural social, social regime of independent, special diets etc), which will be able to perform this process fully online, supplemental plans including.

If one believes the success of the videos posted on Youtube by the Cnav, the future pensioners are to be connected to and takers of cloud services. More than a million people have already watched these videos. Nearly 5 million have already opened a personal account on the website of the Cnav, where they can calculate their age of retirement, or even simulate the amount of their future pension.


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