Sunday, January 8, 2017

Removal of 1164 posts : the boss of Airbus will speak – The Figaro

The CEO of the German Airbus, Tom Enders, will receive Tuesday, the French trade unions, concerned that the plan for the elimination of 640 jobs in France (Suresnes, Toulouse and Marignane).

The boss of Airbus Group, the German Tom Enders, receives on Tuesday, the French trade unions, concerned that the plan of removal of 1164 jobs in Europe, with in particular the closure of the site in Suresnes, in the paris suburbs. The president-director general of the european group will receive at 10 am at the headquarters of Airbus, in Blagnac, near Toulouse, the four French organisations representative of Airbus: FO, CGC, CFTC and CFDT. The interview was requested by the unions in the wake of fears raised by the announcement, on 29 November, the plan to “Gemini”, designed to remove 1.164 posts, on the 136.600 employees in the world. “We want insurance because we do not want compulsory redundancies”, told AFP Jean-Marc-Escourrou, secretary at Airbus SAS (a branch of commercial aviation) to the union FO, first at the level of the group.

union officials are particularly worried for the half-thousand employees on the site in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine). This research unit should be closed by mid-2018 in the framework of the restructuring plan, which is to merge at Toulouse, the seat of the branch of commercial aviation (Airbus SAS, 70% of the activity) with the group (Airbus Group SAS), in order to create a new entity called simply “Airbus”. This rationalization plan, which is only for administrative functions and non-operational, aims in particular to gather in Toulouse to the various research units currently scattered in France.

in Addition to the concerns about the employees reluctant to leave the suburbs of paris to Toulouse, the trade unions doubt the propriety of putting an end to any activity of R&D in the Ile-de-France, a region that represents 40% of research in france. “We will ask him specifically about the possibility of keeping Suresnes, france or Ile-de-France research centre”, said Francoise Vallin, coordinator for Airbus Group the CFE-CGC (the second union). “There is a possibility to keep in the paris region and a research centre,” said Olivier Esteban, coordinator for Airbus Group CFTC, third union.

The abolition of a post in a field as crucial fact is more afraid of a sacrifice of the research. “Savings of short-term” can exist, but “in 10 years, 20 years, will pay for the broken pots”, said Eric Robillot, delegate central CGTAirbus Group and employee Suresnes, france. “Overall, they close positions in France, they open up to Us,” he says. The management has promised to do everything to avoid compulsory redundancies, as when its previous plans to cut staff, but the boss German has recently warned, in an interview with the Figaro, that he could “not (the) guarantee.” “I don’t imagine compulsory redundancies. The management has always said that the forced redundancies were the last resort,” said Mr. Esteban.

on Wednesday, must also be held in Toulouse, a european Committee of information which must be submitted with the final report of the expert committee on the plan for Gemini. This publication will open formally the way in the consultations on the social measures of the plan, which will be implemented on 1 July. On the 1.164 posts to delete, 640 are located in France (Suresnes, Toulouse and Marignane); 429 in Germany, mainly in Hamburg, Bremen, Ulm and Ottobrunn ; 39 Spain ; 54 in the United Kingdom ; one in Belgium and one in India, according to the direction.


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