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François Chérèque : a trade unionist-loving compromise – The Point

He led the CFDT from 2002 to 2012, and more recently the national Agency of civic service. Lord revolted against injustices, fiery and warm, François Chérèque, has led the central with the reformism in compass and a mental fighter. It will then be his character in the service of larger social causes, under the presidency of François Hollande. Former rugby player at the imposing case, it is defined as a ” bear “, “reformist and forward” – the title of his book published in 2005.

Regularly courted by all the governments, left or right, who see him as a player loyal to accompany the reforms, his penchant for compromise has not always been appreciated. Even if he’s not having ” any regret “, the agreement with the Raffarin government during the pension reform in 2003 puts the CFDT in a crisis for several years. This crisis and the outflow of militants ” were marked. He understood that the confidence of activists is very important. He started listening to them “, pointed out in 2012, Jean-Marie Pernot, a researcher at the Ires.

” Incarnation of the activism, “

Born on June 1, 1956 in Nancy, in a family of social culture-christian, this son of a worker metallurgist is able to make a name for you. His father, Jacques Chérèque, was a minister of Michel Rocard (1988-1991), after having been the number two of the CFDT, on the side of Edmond Mayor. Of the five sons he was yet the least brilliant at the school. Dyslexic, poor spelling, speaking in a French often emberlificoté, he believed in him. He learns the economy ” on the job “. François Chérèque becomes a special educator at the centre hospitalier de Digne (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), now the land of his adoption. His house, near Sisteron, was his ” home port “. Local responsible of the CFDT for twenty years, this big guy with the beard, a father of two boys, is imposed in 2002 by Nicole Notat at the head of the CFDT.

At the time boss of the powerful federation of Health Social, it is then unknown to the general public. A regular guest in the media, it submits without any great pleasure to the exercise required. His shots of blood have marked a decade of political life and association : he doesn’t mince his words when he accused Nicolas Sarkozy of “manipulation of opinion” and “populist demagogy” when the ex-president is taking on the unions during the presidential election campaign of 2012. “François Chérèque, it is a temperament. Both gentle and impetuous, he was able to be understanding, and combative. It perfectly embodies the activism that advocates for the employees up to the conflict while favoring the negotiation”, summed up in 2012 the minister of Labour Michel Sapin.

President of Terra Nova

Described as “authoritarian” in his direction, including some of those who share his guidance, man has not the less been appreciated by the activists. In November 2012, when it passes the credentials to 56 years to his challenger Laurent Berger, before the end of his mandate, a thousand delegates him make a tribute to warm. “Working with François, is to work alongside a trade union official who had energy, who loves the fight, which results with him, and then that took a great courage “, said of him his successor in may 2016. François Chérèque then takes the presidency of Terra Nova, a think-tank close to the PS, and joined the general Inspectorate of social affairs, which is responsible for monitoring the government’s plan on poverty.

This conversion feeds the image of a union close to the socialist rule. The boss of Force ouvrière, Jean-Claude Mailly, the rake : this does ” not give a image of independence of association “. In January 2014, the former trade unionist, who said, he wished to ” serve the general interest “, takes over the presidency of the civic service Agency, and he was appointed high commissioner to the civic engagement in April 2016. It had suspended its activities in September of 2015 to follow a chemotherapy treatment, and left office in June 2016 for ” health reasons “.


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