Thursday, January 12, 2017

First debate of the primary on the left : fault lines clearly visible – a Public Good

Mark the differences without showing divergences. Address the people left without a copy-and-paste Macron for some, Mélenchon for the other. And not to forget to wear shots to Fillon and The Pen. This debate seven asked applicants to respond to a double challenge : to convince the voter of the utility of the voting in this primary is unlikely, to demonstrate the credibility of its own proposals.

The first image on this plateau of the seven candidates left with smiles on edge, all clad in a dark jacket in this scene rose, left reveal a certain tension in the face of the risk of committing the fatal error and give an image of division. All, therefore, have served in the verse : the program Fillon is “dangerous” (Pinel), “right-wing” (Peillon), “injurious to the health of the French” (De Rugy) “, “threatening to the social model” (Hamon). Unity against the right, unit is also against terrorism and on security, where all the promise of police personnel and means for the army.

Fearing becoming a target, Manuel Valls has tried to place himself above the fray : “The issue of this primary, it is to elect a president of the Republic from left, attend to give him any legitimacy. I have experience, I assumed responsibilities, I have energy, I have the courage to defend our secularism. “He adds :” Here, I have no opponent, even less enemy. “

Split on the balance sheet Holland

No divisions ? At the time to defend the balance sheet of the quinquennium, and still more on the law El Khomri, each stated his position, and Manuel Valls could benefit from a shield named Holland. “The results are disappointing and too business aid were granted without consideration “, has launched Benoît Hamon, presented as the underdog number 1 in this election. Speaking with a fast rate, without being too expressive on the cutaways, it has put forward his universal income of existence, major subject in this primary : “We will still say here that it is necessary for growth. With the digital society, it will not work all the time to everyone : this is not a call to laziness, it is a pillar of social protection… “Vincent Peillon, was immediately refuted this idea :” It does not create jobs, with an income for all. I prefer to provide relief to companies by requiring counterparties on wages and employment. “

Arnaud Montebourg, repeals law is clearly Working : “This is the balance sheet of Holland. A balance difficult to defend. “But he is opposed to Benoît Hamon, his rival in the niche to the left of the PS and the universal income :” I want a society of work and purchasing power by lowering the CSG for the small pensioners, and for the small wages of the equivalent of a thirteenth month “.

Each its hue

Manuel Valls has taken the expression “society of work” to justify the merger of the social minimum, the increase to 1 500 euro and the bonus for the employment, and investment aid for companies that are innovating and hiring “. A way to carry the balance sheet. He has found the reinforcement of the environmentalist François de Rugy, a supporter ” of an ecology practical and common sense which does not exclude an open economic policy to the company “. And also of the radical left Sylvia Pinel, who assumes the balance of the five year period, highlights a number of its singularities (woman, radical left, young elected rural) offers reductions of contributions.

We can debate out of a side line to the left of the PS, embodied by Hamon-Montebourg, the other that of Manuel Valls and Sylvia Pinel, François de Rugy. And between the two, difficult to locate Vincent Peillon and Jean-Luc Bennahmias. But inside, each has brought its shade. The question is whether the voters of the left will recognise hers on the 22nd of January.


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