Friday, January 13, 2017

Dieselgate : Fiat-Chrysler accused in turn of fraud in the United States – The Echoes

As for Volkswagen (read page 18 and “Sieve” p. 40), the move is part of the United States. Agency u.s. environmental protection agency (EPA) has accused Thursday Fiat-Chrysler to have secretly installed software that allows you to cripple the effectiveness of the remediation systems of some of its diesel engines… either little or no understanding of what has caused the scandal facing the German giant in the last fifteen months. These lines of code suspect would be present in the diesel engines of three litres of a few 104.000 vehicles sold across the Atlantic for 2014 – especially in the Jeep Cherokee and pick-up Dodge Ram. And it would always be a question of nitrogen oxide, the n ow famous NOx. the ” once Again, a major automotive manufacturer has chosen to break the rules and got caught “, has tancé Mary Nichols, the chairwoman of the agency california air quality (CARB), one of the stakeholders. Since the discovery of the software truqueur of Volkswagen, the CARB and the EPA have decided to review all the settings of the cars in the United States, to find possible fraud. Has reason, therefore.

Fall of 16 % on the Milan stock Exchange

This announcement has brought the title of group italo-american, 16 % on the Milan stock Exchange, dragging the whole sector down in Europe. Fiat-Chrysler has ensured not to use software fraudster and respect the law. The law allows this practice, in the event of a risk of a broken engine, but you must declare the existence of these software in to the authorities.

there are eleven months, Fiat-Chrysler had issued a surprising press release in which he explained, in substance, that its vehicles complied with the us law but that he, however, was ” update “ of its settings. In November, a class-action was filed by 500.000 owners of Dodge Ram complaining for having bought a model rejecting more than 14 times more NOx than the maximum allowed.

The case could prove even more serious for the constructor of the Agnelli family. In France, the authorities, in particular the prevention of fraud, have raised these last few months the hood of the Fiat 500X. A small cross-over that will emit three times more NOx than the standard, and 40 % of CO2 too. According to IFPEN, the research institute commissioned the vehicle switches off its emission control system at the end of 22 minutes, and this while a registration lasts for twenty minutes. A finding is troubling also noted by the German authorities. Pis, the software engine would not be alone in changing behaviour test case, there is also that of the automatic gearbox…. In Europe, Fiat-Chrysler has not yet provided a convincing explanation for Germany and France. And Italy does not seem in a hurry to throw the stigma on its national manufacturer. In may, Berlin was officially deplored by the ” non-cooperation “ in Rome on the subj ect.

Julien Dupont-Calbo, Les Echos


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