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Connected objects: the “French Tech” takes advantage of the showcase of Las Vegas – The verge

The “French Tech” is looking to use the window of the living room electronics ces in Las Vegas to promote its objects connected, continuing an effort conducted over several years and which seems to begin to pay.

Jerome Pasquet leads to the second year of its startup 10-vins in Las Vegas, with a version that is connected to his sommelier-mail, a machine with individual doses, which serves glasses of wine in the ideal conditions of the tasting.

The contacts made last year have opened up “opportunities in markets that we weren’t expecting”, pushing the company to move to the professionals of the hospitality business in addition to the general public, but also to begin in London and Singapore, details of-t-he.

THESE 2016 had also allowed a meeting with LVMH, which has welcomed in its incubator, the co-operative group InVivo, which came last month in the capital of the company, and “a large manufacturing industrial” negotiating a partnership of manufacturing for a version “compact” of the machine.

The first model sold 500 copies, and 10-wine hopes to double this year its sales to reach the million euros.

10-wines, however, is only one of the 260 French companies expected to attend this week in Las Vegas.

there are a few major groups such as Valeo, who came to present its technologies of autonomous control, or The’oréal, whose subsidiary Kerastase has designed a brush connected in partnership with the specialist of connected objects health-related Withings, freshly bought out by Nokia.

But before any of the startups, representing nearly 30% of exhibitors from the Eureka Park, the space reserved for young shoots of groundbreaking: France was the second national delegation behind the United States, with a lot of connected objects.

At the “CES Unveiled”, the first preview before the official opening on Thursday, we saw among other things a bracelet monitoring the blood glucose levels of diabetics or the lactate of the athletes (PKvitality, Paris), a cane that alerts the relatives of an elderly person in the event of a fall (Nov’in, Saint-Etienne), or even a athletic shoe to the “amortised assets” (Digitsole, Nancy).

“The shoe detects the posture and automatically changes cushioning” thanks to electrical stimulation that alter the hardness of a polymer in the midsole, explains the patron-founder, Karim Oumnia, which also presents other examples, from hiking boots heaters to pumps heel telescopic and shoes for children, and hopes to commercialize its first pairs this year.

Karim Oumnia is on the third of THESE: “it has enabled us to sign partnership agreements with large manufacturers, but also with distributors”, and “the label French Tech has allowed us to participate in the Davos forum”.

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a Sign of the commitment of public authorities, ministers Michel Sapin and Axelle Lemaire, as well as the candidate of The Republicans for the presidential election François Fillon will come to the lounge, where a lot of startups also benefit from a companion.

The Post leads many to Las Vegas, as the public agency, Business France, which insists on marketable products in the next six months and to “show the diversity of the French offer in terms of connected objects,” says Eric Morand, head of innovative services: “We help startups to optimize their presence, but it is also a showcase” for “attracting foreign investment in France”.

according To CB Insights, funding of the French Tech have reached a peak for the past four years to $ 1.5 billion over the first nine months of 2016 (+71% compared to 2015) and in the third quarter, “France has attracted more funding than startups in technology German and has approached the levels of the startups from the british”.

“Paris is beginning to seriously compete with London and Berlin in terms of the number of transactions financed by venture capital and volume of transactions”, was also the venture-capital firm Atomico in early November.

“unicorns,” the French, however, remain rare (the service of carpooling BlaBlaCar, the expert of advertising on the internet, Criteo or the biotech DBV), and the investors very national: according to CB Insights, the public bank Bpifrance has the lion’s share of transactions in the third quarter, followed by the fund Kima Ventures with Xavier Niel.

The technology specialist or the its Devialet comes when even to finish a round the table noticed of 100 million euros with a lot of asian investors and american.

“We have been contacted over the past 18 months by investment funds of countries that did not have the all of France on their radar on the tech”, including hong kong or Russian, is also Eric Morand, that does not preclude a search of “bargains” of the funds of the anglo-saxons refreshed with valuations high in the United States.

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