Sunday, January 1, 2017

Car sales at highest for five years – Le Figaro

statistics indicate that in 2016, the French have acquired 2 million new cars specific. The Renault group is the main beneficiary of this improvement.

The increase in fuel prices, constraints to increased traffic, or even the development of car-sharing there will be nothing changed: the French have continued to buy massive amounts of cars. In 2016, they have gained 2 million new cars special, never-before-seen for five years. The statistics published Sunday by the Committee of French manufacturers of automobiles (CCFA) indicate that the registrations of passenger cars increased 5.1 % to 2.015 million units last year in France. If this level of sales was once considered normal, it had not been reached since 2011. And yet, to this date, the market benefited full aid aimed at countering the decline in sales of automobiles after the financial crash of 2008.

The Renault group is the main beneficiary of this improvement. Its sales of passenger cars increased 8 % (518.469 units). Once again, the low-cost brand Dacia, whose success cannot be denied year-to-year, largely contributed to the growth of the group led by Carlos Ghosn.

The PSA group wanted to do as well as 2015: the first French group, awaiting the renewal of important models, has elapsed 558.976 cars (0 %).

The two French groups hold 54 % of their home market. A dominant position than their foreign competitors nibble with an increase in joint of 6.8 %.

First importer in France, the Volkswagen group recorded a 2.8% increase in its registrations (258.603 units). However, the only Volkswagen brand experienced a decline of 0.7 per cent of its registrations.

The BMW group (with the English brand Mini) in fourth place and displays a jump in shipments of 12.7 % (85.712 units), ahead of Toyota (+ 8.6% to 82.796 registrations). The automobile remains, therefore, a French passion…


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