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The site wants to “return power” to the unemployed – The Express

The promise is beautiful: “to enable every individual to benefit from a tailor-made support”. How? Using algorithms to “identify the best solutions for each profile.” The platform for big data bob employment launched by the start-upper Paul Duan is officially inaugurated on Wednesday. His hope: “to reduce the unemployment of 10% and save the State several billion euros”.

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The site, which is intended to be a public service of the citizen”, works with an algorithm able to analyze the data on the labour market, the situation of each unemployed person and, innovative, course, anonymized of the millions of unemployed previous, to put at the disposal of the user, explained Tuesday to the AFP Paul Duan.

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“Our goal is to use the “big data” to restore the power to all the job seekers, many of whom feel lost in the system”, adds this young Frenchman, founder of the NGO Bayes Impact, created two years ago in the Silicon Valley in the United States. Coming in support to the advisers of Pole employment, wants to be a “companion digital” open to all – registered or not on the lists of the public operator – and “very easy access”.

Take the person by hand

The user fills first the site on its route. In a first time, the program delivers a diagnosis to build a strategy “optimal” job search or suggest a training basis, in particular, on his previous experiences.

and Then he proposes a daily follow up: “We can hold the hand of each unemployed person on the duration because a job search takes 12 months on average and that it is necessary to keep the pace, and the moral,” Paul Duan.

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Every day, bob-job recommends five actions to move forward in his research : to redo his RESUME, and go to see such a recruiting company, to connect with such a network, to read this article, etc “All the days, the person will have at least fulfilled a purpose”, explains the founder of the site.

“The human remains paramount”

It also aims to redirect people to the trades in tension, using the existing data. “The idea is not to tell a baker to become a plumber, but to give information to see the trades that work, to make as if each unemployed person was an expert on the labour market”, he says.

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The activity of the user of the website will be confidential and shared with the advisor Pole employment “only if he wants it”. The latter will have more time to “play its expert role, because the human remains critical”, according to Paul Duan, who stressed the “complementarity” between the computer tool and Pôle emploi.

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“Give it your all!”

Realistic? We tested the beta version online since yesterday. Starting a job search for a position of journalist-web-Paris in CDI, the first verdict of Bob’s work is that we would have “access to a lot more bids, changing criteria”. He advises looking at offers a fixed-term contract, consider the missions to acting or get a degree or a certification (in spite of a master’s level). Of course. Optimistic, he believes that “we are in a favourable market” (this is not really the case), and we must give everything” (sic).


site Screenshot

He suggests to look at the types of businesses different. It “[we] will help identify companies with which we do not necessarily think and to identify the financial aid to which you are entitled”. To form? For the move? No details are given.

To move forward, the site proposes to use its network and – surprise – returns for this on How to find an interesting job through this? A button to “need tips for this action?” is welcome. Las, when clicked on, a page appears stating that “all contributions are welcome.” Bob employment is, therefore, focusing on the collaborative to break the isolation if weighing of the unemployed person. Why not.

But be careful not to lose your password (as the journalist who writes his lines). An email informs you when Bob jobs deletes your account… for that alone, this is not yet the ideal companion for the job search.


site Screenshot


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