Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The calisson d’aix becomes a brand… chinese – Echoes

This is an earthquake in the small world of confectionery. In June 2016, an entrepreneur of china has filed the trademark “calissons d’aix” with the authorities of his country, causing the wrath of the manufacturers of this famous sweetness, almonds and candied fruit. Those, wishing to develop their product internationally, have initiated an opposition proceeding.

This attempt of plagiarism that came from the other side of the world concerned about the calissoniers who see it as a threat to their know-how and the reputation of their product. As recalled by The newspaper “la Tribune” , the calisson d’aix is the result of a recipe of a very special made one-third of almonds, a candied fruit and a last sugar. In addition, the ingredients used must come from the region of provence, like the Cavaillon melon or almonds from the Mediterranean.

The new one is even more poorly received that the producers of aix are currently seeking to grow the brand “calissons d’aix” at the international and in particular on the asian market. “As the holder of the collective mark Calissons from Aix, we reacted immediately and filed a record of opposition with the china trademark office “, said on Tuesday Laure Pierrisnard, president of the Union of manufacturers of calissons d’aix (UFCA), the newspaper “La Provence” .

in need of protection to the international

This reappropriation of the calisson is all the more regrettable that the confectioners of aix have been trying for long to protect their appellation. The UFCA has filed an application for protected geographical Indication (PGI) from the european Union. Committed 14 years ago already, the procedure hardly to be realized because of the requirement of the required criteria. In addition to the origin of the products of the recipe, the different calissoniers must agree on many details such as the shape or size of the confectionery. What he had never been able to do up to now, leaving the field open to the tactless entrepreneur chinese.

In 1990, the UFCA had filed the designation of “calissons d’aix” at the national Institute of industrial property to prevent other regions of France to produce the confectionery. A good protection at the national level, but insufficient for any trade beyond the French borders. “The IGP is the right level to protect our product at the international level, we will therefore redouble our efforts to advance our case,” explained Laure Pierrisnard to ” The Provence “. The UFCA account to submit a new dossier to the european authorities at the end of the month. But it may already be too late.


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