Saturday, November 5, 2016

The plan of Renault for the job – The Parisian

group Renault has proposed yesterday the hiring of 3 000 employees on permanent contracts in France within three years as part of a new enterprise agreement he hopes to sign before Christmas with unions rather mixed. “The proposals fall short of what we want,” said the CFDT, which calls for 4 500. Even an echo of the CFE-CGC, according to which these recruitments will recoup just the number of the natural attrition of the next three years. The CGT, it, claims 9,000 new hires to compensate for the jobs lost during the previous agreement, in 2013. The latter, according to management, will lead to the end of 2016 by 9 200 departures over three years and 3,000 new hires, of which a part will be completed in 2017.

Only FO qualifies the proposal of the board of ” really significant “. For comparison, PSA has committed to 1,000 new hires on permanent contracts over three years. And the Renault group also offers 6 000 contracts young, co-op, and interns, at a rate of 2,000 per year.

Le Parisien


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