Saturday, November 5, 2016

Renault proposes to hire 3.000 CDI in three years – Europe1

The Renault group announces its intention to hire several thousand employees, but unions are sceptical.Cat gun-shy is afraid of the cold water…The last chord of the competitiveness of the group had asked, in fact, a lot of efforts to employees, including 7.500 retirements not replaced and a wage freeze. However, this time, we are talking about a growth plan.

All departures due to retirements are not being replaced. Renault offers to hire 3,000 people in CDI between 2017 and 2019, half of which for the manufacture of cars. They also propose to have, over the same period, to 2,000 contracts, young people, trainees or interns per year. A part of the CDI will be to the old contracts young people by example.

If these new jobs are confirmed, they will add to 1.000 CDI already planned for this year. But be careful, even if the situation is totally different and even if Renault took the number of hires, the numbers continue to fall. All of the departures due to retirements are not being replaced.

Regularize the situation of the temporary employees., And then Renault took advantage of his ads, also for CDiser, temporary workers, a big problem in the company. The CGT speaks of 50% of temporary workers. The management, it, advance rather a figure of 25% but she concedes : the number of temporary workers is now exceptionally high.

But what is sure, is that there is a true rejuvenation of teams. It must be said that Renault – which has never sold as many cars in its history – a need to hire in new occupations, especially for the connected car or the electric car.


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