Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Macron, take-off imminent – Obs

It was originally announced for “before the 10 December, the date of a general meeting In march!. But the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election of 2017 could come as soon as Wednesday morning, according to “Les Echos” and RTL.

on Wednesday at 10: 30am, the former minister will make a statement to the press in Bobigny, france from a learning center, shows his entourage.

Macron announced eight measures to shocks in the Obs

According to BFMTV, the founder of power up ! expected to declare his candidacy for the presidential of 2017 on this occasion, but this information has not been confirmed by the entourage of Emmanuel Macron.

“I do not believe in the logic of the alternating”

“I do not believe that in 2017, it will be mechanically the tower to the right !”, explained the former minister in the Obs appeared on 10 November. “I do not believe in the logic of the alternation (…) and that means that the major traditional parties follow one another mechanically.”

Emmanuel Macron is not a member of the socialist party, but he claims his membership of the left. Wednesday morning, he symbolically chose to express themselves from the Seine-Saint-Denis, Bobigny, france.

“This will be the third time he comes, the symbolism is strong. We announce things in the suburbs, not on the plateau of TF1,” said Patrick Toulmet.

show of Support of the ex-minister, Patrick Toulmet is looking forward to this coming but refuses to say more. He is chair of the chamber of trades and crafts of the Seine-Saint-Denis, which depends on the campus from which it is expressed Macron.

A program that is more accurate

Since his retirement from the government, on 30 August, the ex-minister of Economy has organized its movement, which now has over 96,000 members (free).

The contours of its program begin to emerge. In Obs published on 10 November, the former minister was detailing the first guidelines shock : end of the 35 hours for young people, new rights for the unemployed, legal length of work less after age 55 but nationalization of the national association… these proposals should respond.

On the plan of education, Emmanuel Macron entrusts “to believe in a genuine autonomy for educational institutions”. It also advocates a reform of the school map, and says he “absolutely must make it evolve”. .

Macron unveiled his program : “More flexibility, more flexibility,”

Emmanuel Macron has also set up its teams with a first flow chart has been unveiled on the site On!. It has received more than 2.7 million euros of donations and his relatives claim that at least fifty of parliamentary support.

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