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Integration and maintenance in employment of people with disabilities – The Parisian

employers are developing more and more devices cover it to the attention of their employees in situation of disability. To prevent disabilities, to limit the reclassifications,but also boost performance.

Les HRD the serinent to every wind : the diversity of the workforce is in itself a performance lever for the collective work. Under the combined pressure of the law, the opinion and demands of social responsibility, companies are mobilizing : agreements between social partners, missions, disabilities, integration efforts of the employees in situation of disability. The objective being to limit to the maximum of findings of incapacity to work and the reclassifications. “In 2016 we will have supported 230 employees in situation of disability, through some 300 actions or adjustments : balance sheets professionals, tools, and ergonomic changes to workstations, platforms of translation, appliances, hearing aids, telework, transport, etc.”, explains Jean Agulhon, HR director of the RATP.


But, to identify and mobilize the appropriate compensation to the exercise of the functions, it is also necessary that the employer have knowledge of the specific situation of persons who occupy them. In this sense, information and training are priority areas of disability policy. “This holistic approach of awareness, which should target both corresponding to the handicap mission of the company, the managers and all employees, aims to enrich the knowledge of all and to change stereotypes,” stresses Dominique Bellion, responsable de la mission handicap at BNP Paribas.

The goal of a business ? Encourage eligible people to a recognition of the status of disabled worker (RQTH) to declare their situation and prevent misunderstandings potentially harmful to the collective and generating situations of failure, individual or collective.

The steps that have been taken seem to bear fruit. The figures provided by the Agefiph for the first half of 2016 show a significant increase of the retention in employment of persons in situation of disability for which appears to be a mismatch between their state of health and the workplace : +6 % in one year and +33 % in three years.

FEATURES re-orientation

And when continued employment becomes impossible in the company ? Here, too, devices are beginning to see the light of day. “We have developed a program that allows an employee incapacity total, while retaining his salary, to be excused from activity during a year to be assisted in its re-orientation (choice of occupation, training, business creation, project staff,…) “, explains Claude Boumendil, director CSR to the HR director France STMicroelectronics, a semiconductor manufacturer, which employs 10900 people in France. Mobilize, enhance, and innovate in order to not to close the doors of the world of work…

In the space of a few years, they have expanded into the business. This is the mission of disability, entities in charge of implementing the policy of integration and maintenance in employment of people with disabilities. According to a study published in 2016 by the ministry of Labour, the vast majority of companies that have signed an agreement registered on the title of the obligation of employment of workers with disabilities now have a mission handicap, which invests in average almost two full-time positions, spread in three-quarters of the cases by réfférents. Related mostly to the management of human resources, the missions disability have a role of information, awareness-raising and training with the management teams and supervisory personnel. They increase also speaks to employees via newsletters, booklets, reception and security, seminars, various events. They offer resources and institutions, for example in dashboards to calculate the employment rate of the establishm ent or in the files listing the recognitions of the status of disabled worker (RQTH) and their expiration dates.

the role of The missions is also to bring awareness to the concerned persons and the RQTH not only serves to fill the quotas of the employer and to assist in the formation of their folder. But their actions are not limited to the walls of the company. It deploys with associations, institutional actors, jobboards, specialized, and recruitment firms. As well as schools and universities, who are also more likely to have the missions handicap.”While in France more than 80% of people with disabilities have a level of qualification lower than the bac, we play fully our role of training in promoting their skills and qualification, ” says Maryna Paynot, head of the mission handicap group for vocational training (IGS).

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