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10 things you never realized you may be on the housing of the French – Obs

of The favorable credit terms for those who may become owners, one living area battery in the middle, and especially a park that houses more than apartments… The French are rather advantaged in terms of housing compared to their european neighbours : it is what emerges from a study conducted by the Crédit Foncier, from Eurostat figures, in 8 countries (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom), representing 75% of the population of the european Union.

165% of the French are owners

On average 7 households out of 10 are owners : France is a bit below average, far behind Poland, which has the largest number of landowners (84 %), followed by Spain (79 %) and Italy (73 %).

2 aquéreurs still need to 47.096 euros to the bank

In terms of loans outstanding, real estate still owed by households, the French are in the upper range, with 47.096 euros, far behind English, the most indebted with 85.525 euros, more than double the european average, 41.099 euros. The least indebted are the Polish (7.567 euros) and the Italians (19.216 euros).

3credit to 2.1% over 19 years on average

According to the study, the French are well located with respect to their credit : they borrow on the short-term (19 years), compared with 30 years in the netherlands, to 2.1% on average (almost as little as the Germans 2%), compared to 3.6% in Poland.

4price increased by 2 % between 2006 and 2015

Between 2006 and 2015, real estate prices, new and old combined, have increased from 2 % in France, an increase is very moderate when they have shot up by 30 % in the United Kingdom and 21 % in Germany. Three countries have recorded a fall in prices : the netherlands (- 9 %), Italy (- 12 %) and especially Spain (- 22 %).

5of The construction costs, which have jumped 18%

again, the French can consider themselves well-off, because the cost of construction between 2005 and 2014 have jumped “only” 18 %. A significant increase, certainly, but well below the european average (+ 27 %) and over two times less important than the surge recorded in Italy (+ 42 %) and the Uk (+ 41 %).

618.3% of income devoted to housing

once Again, the weight of housing expenditure in household disposable income is one of the lowest in the European Union, to 18.3% for France, compared to 27.3% in Germany, or 29,4 % in the netherlands.

724 years of age, the age of leaving the parents

The most young people to leave the family nest are the French, equally with the English, the Dutch and the Germans, who all take their independence to an average of 24 years compared to 26 years in the European Union. The “Tanguy”, who leave the accommodation parental the later, are the Italians to 30 years on average, before the Spanish and the Portuguese, 29 years old on average.

82,3 inhabitants per housing

With 2.3 occupants per dwelling, the French are stack in the european average, such as the Italians or the English. The most numerous are the Poles (with 2.7 inhabitants per housing), the less likely the Germans (2 inhabitants per dwelling).

9102 m2, the average surface of the housing

once Again, the French are stack in the european average, with housing that measure 102 m2 on average. These are the inhabitants of the netherlands who have larger areas to live, 119 m2, ahead of Portugal (112 m2). This is roughly 50 % more surface area than the English, in the bottom of the ranking, with an average area of 76 m2.

1069% of houses

69 % of French people live in… a house ! As the majority of europeans, knowing that there are 85 % of homes in the Uk and 80 % in Poland. The apartments are more numerous only in Spain (67 %) and Italy (51 %).

Finally, according to the study, 72 % of Europeans live in urban areas, a little less for the French, 66 % urban only. With 120 inhabitants/km2, on average, for the 66 million French are just above the eu average (117 inhabitants/km2).


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