Friday, November 18, 2016

Agriculture: the State distributes loans to farmers in crisis – Release

In an environment that remains tense for the rural world in crisis, Stéphane Le Foll announced on Friday that the quick payment of a series of aid intended to relieve dairy farmers and cattle farmers.

After a plan to support the livestock adopted in July 2015, and the presentation on October 4 by Manuel Valls, and his minister of Agriculture a plan for the assistance to the grain affected by inclement weather, Mr. Le Foll has sought once again Friday to stem the distrust of the peasant world.

A further exceptional aid of € 1.000 will be paid in December to nearly 23,000 dairy farmers in difficulty. “The overall aid package amounted to 23 million euros,” said the minister to the press. “We will complete according to the situation at the beginning of next year”, he added.

According to the national Federation of milk producers (FNPL), this envelope comes from the support plan announced by the european Commission in July”.

It is accompanied by another financial support to cattle farmers, in order to support the marketing of the meat, which also plunged this year.

The farmers will receive 150 euros per young cattle male of a meat breed, or mixed, of less than 360 pounds, slaughtered and marketed in January or February 2017. “It is a measure of control of production”, said the minister, wishing to limit the quantity of meat placed on the market and support prices.

No overall budget has been announced for this second installment. “We will adapt in function of the number of farmers who request it,” said the minister.

These measures are in response to the crisis of livestock farming, which broke out in 2015 while the price of milk collapsed, and the farmers could not cover their costs of production by selling their milk to cooperatives, triggering of the fronds farmers against the giants of the sector, Lactalis or Sodiaal.

“We’re not going to refuse a using of cash,” responded Thierry Roquefeuil, president of the FNPL, but “me, what I wish is that it focuses on the price of milk. Ca affects all producers. Today, it is known that the (european) Commission a risk to announce next week a return to the market of 25,000 tons of powder, it’s too early!”.

- Plan of Conversion -

In a press release, the FNSEA (the majority union) and the union of Young Farmers (JA) welcomed the announcement at the same time for the payment of a new tranche of the CAP of a billion euros.

But most of all, they urged the State to “overcome +the technical problems and computer+” of the French administration that can lead to payment delays before, and the difficulties of cash in cascade for the farmers.

The two unions have reiterated their commitment to the show next Tuesday, including in front of the ministry of Agriculture.

The situation of farmers remains very critical and a cause for concern in France.

According to the social security of farmers (MSA), more than 30% of operators reported an income of less than € 350 per month in 2015, and this figure is expected to rise to 60% in 2016.

The calls for help multiply. The permanence of suicide prevention Agri’listen received to 1,700 calls in the first half, an average of 285 calls per month against a hundred per month a year earlier.

many Of the farmers may have to put the key under the door in the coming months in a broad social plan that did not speak its name.

on Friday, the minister also announced the signing of an agreement with the insurance fund Vivéa and Pôle Emploi “to assist and train farm managers in their retraining and professional transitions”.

critics of the head of the FNSEA, which was accused last week the administration of “undermining” the assistance plan announced in October, the minister has simply said that the negotiation “is happening at the level of the banks”.



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