Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wall Street ends down, the presidential line-of-sight – Boursorama

Wall Street ends lower ( GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP/Archives / SPENCER PLATT )

Wall Street ends lower ( GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP/Archives / SPENCER PLATT )

According to the final results, the index featured Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 77,46 points, 17.959,64 points, and the Nasdaq, to dominant technological, 48,01 points, to 5.105,57 points. The expanded index S&P500 has conceded 13,78 points, or 0.65 per cent, to 2.097,94 points.

The approach of the election “increases the level of fear and creates a lot of uncertainty, which is the worst enemy of the market,” said Peter Cardillo, chief economist of First Standard Financial.

While investors expected a victory of the candidate, democrat, Hillary Clinton, they have less certainty since the re-launch of the survey on his e-mails and the publication of surveys showing a reduction of his advance on his opponent, republican Donald Trump.

This obscures “the fact that companies are better, the forecast for the fourth quarter are not so bad, as the economic indicators continue to improve,” said Art Hogan, of Wunderlich Securities.

In this context, the New York stock Exchange also has quite a few cases of the decision without surprise from the federal Reserve (Fed) to leave its rates unchanged.

In a statement, the monetary policy Committee (FOMC) of the u.s. central bank has given little hint about a possible increase in rates in December but showed significantly more confident about a rebound in inflation.

The Fed has wanted to avoid any controversy and, in this way, there is no wave and the markets will continue to expect a rate hike in the month of December”, has decrypted Gregori Volokhine, of Meeschaert.

- Alibaba backward -

Among the values, the cosmetics group, american Estee Lauder has declined by 5.45% to 81,60 us $ after the publication of mixed results in the first quarter of its non-calendar fiscal year, due to a decrease in sales in the United States.

The operator Frontier Communications, which must repurchase the activities of fixed telephony of Verizon (-1,51% 46,94 dollars), fell from 13,74% to 3,39 dollars after reporting net losses in the third quarter.

The media group and the american cinema Time Warner (HBO, CNN, studios, Warner Bros…), in the process of being bought out by the telecoms operator AT&T, has raised its annual forecast after a strong third quarter but conceded 1.10% to 87,28 dollars.

The number one chinese online sales Alibaba saw its net profit divided by three in the second quarter of its non-calendar fiscal year 2016 due to an exceptional expense but recorded a jump of 55% of its sales. Its title has finally dropped 2.61% 98,51 dollars.

Very unstable in stock currently, Valeant has lost 11,48% to 21,12 dollars after being flown Tuesday. The group canadian pharmaceutical was recognized to be in discussions for the sale of some of its medicines, but the japanese Takeda, cited as a possible buyer, has not been confirmed.

The group Brocade, a specialist in communication systems for computer networks, will be acquired by the group for the semiconductor Broadcom (+2.23 percent to 172,56 dollars) for € 5.9 billion, debt included is 12,75 $ per share. Its title has taken 9,61% 12,32 dollars.

The american society of dietary supplements and slimming products Herbalife, at the center of a battle well-publicized for several years with the financial Bill Ackman, announced Tuesday the departure of its boss and has lost 6,19% 55,46 dollars.

After Europe, the retailer of office supplies Office Depot announced on Wednesday that selling its businesses in Australia, New Zealand, south Korea and mainland China and to close 300 stores in the United States to boost its sales in berne. Its title has departed from 15,08% to 3.51 dollars.

The bond market was rising. To 20H40, the yield on Treasury bills to 10 years fell to 1,803%, compared to 1,828% Tuesday night, and that good for 30 years 2,568%, compared to 2,576% previously.


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