Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thousands of people marched against the election of Trump in american cities – The World

At Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, Chicago, Austin, and on the west coast, protests and demonstrations have taken place until late in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

thousands of demonstrators gathered in the evening of Wednesday, November 9, through the United States, to protest against the surprise victory of republican Donald Trump in the us presidential election.

” We have a voice ! “, could be read on the placards of several hundred young protesters who had gathered in front of the White House, Washington, d.c., for a candlelight vigil, this wet evening, denouncing the views that are racist, sexist, and xenophobic, according to them, Donald Trump.

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” people have reason to be afraid “, stated one of the organizers, Ben Wikler, announcing to the participants that protestors gathered also around the country. the ” We are not alone “, shouted some of the young people gathered in front of the White House, where Donald Trump was expected Thursday to meet with Barack Obama.

” We are here because we are not alone in these dark moments “, has launched Ben Wikler, director in the american capital of the pressure group progressive

” This is hard for many Americans, “, has testified in Washington Ethan Miller, an advocacy group for the rights of employees, Jobs with Justice. the ” We had a campaign full of racism and misogyny, and many other terrible tactics that have in the end allowed “ to Donald Trump to win the election, accuse-t-il.

” That’s hard for many Americans “

Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago, in particular, of events that had begun with a few hundred of participants had grown to reach several thousands, in the early evening.

In the center of Chicago, about 1800 people gathered outside a building belonging to the magnate of real estate – the Trump International Hotel and Tower – in chanting slogans such as ” No to Trump ! Not the KKK [Ku-Klux-Klan] ! Not that America is racist ! “

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in New York, several thousand demonstrators gathered in the open Manhattan, to Union Square, before going up to the Trump Tower, where lives the american president elect. The electoral system indirect american ” does not work any more, “, lamented Nicholas Forker, while Hillary Clinton won the vote with about 200,000 votes ahead, according to figures still provisional, but not in the number of great electors. the ” It really needs to be reformed, this is ridiculous. “

At the rally in Manhattan, New York, November 9.

many american flags gone up in smoke

In California, a State widely acquired to the democrats, college and high school students have left the course and impromptu demonstrations on the campus. They were 2 000 in the west of the city, in the neighborhood of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). In the centre, 1 in 5000 people gathered in front of the town hall to shout : ” Not my president ! “An effigy of a giant of the president-elect has been inflamed, and then the demonstrators marched in the centre of the city.

Some 1, 500 high school students gathered in the courtyard of the Berkeley High School, according to Charles Burress, spokesperson for the school district, in the San Francisco bay area. They then headed to the campus of the university of california, Berkeley, known for its progressivism.

Nearly 3,000 people were mobilized not far away, in Oakland, where they were dispersed by firing tear gas, and 2 000 in Seattle (State of Washington), further north on the west coast, and students of the university of Texas marched in Austin.

another protest took place at the University of California at Davis, near the State capital, Sacramento, where students have blocked streets and chanted : ” You are not America ! We are America ! “

in Portland, also in the west of the country, some 300 people gathered, according to local media, some of them having a time blocked the traffic, while others burned the american flag.


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