Friday, November 11, 2016

This report, which pushed Renault up in the turmoil –

The Direction of the repression of the frauds has decided to submit yesterday to the justice the findings of its investigation on pollutant emissions of diesel vehicles of Renault.

After the scandal of the engine-fixing Volkswagen, it is the Renault which could be disturbed by the court for similar flaws. The ministry of Economy announced on Wednesday evening that the Directorate-general for competition, consumption and repression of fraud (DGCCRF) had decided to transmit to the public prosecutor of Nanterre, the findings of its investigation on pollutant emissions of diesel vehicles of the first group is a French car.

The investigation of the main manufacturers present on the French market was highlighted that the Renault vehicles emitting levels of pollutants, CO2 and NOx, are greatly in excess of what the renault brand claimed. But without for as much to bring to light the existence of software truqueurs as in the case of Volkswagen.

in Addition to the results of tests conducted on vehicles, the DGCCRF is based “on the analysis of documents seized during a search of the premises of the manufacturer and on the hearing of representatives of the company,” said Bercy, noting that”it was now up to the justice to give the suites as it deems necessary to the alleged breaches”.

The automotive group, saying to take note of this decision, and reaffirmed “its determination to assert its rights to defend the social interest of the company, its employees and its shareholders”. She repeated the arguments she sets out for the search of the DGCCRF in its premises has been revealed last January, causing a collapse in the value of its Stock.

“Renault vehicles have all and always been approved pursuant to the act and the regulations. They are compliant with the standards in force” and “are not equipped with software of fraud on the devices and clean-up,” assured the group that the boss Carlos Ghosn said at the end of September, during the World of Paris, that he was “totally committed to working at all levels” in this folder.

oxides of nitrogen (NOx) consist primarily of two types of molecules pollutant : nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Irritants, they penetrate into the ramifications of the finer of the respiratory tract. In sensitive individuals they can cause breathing difficulties, airway hyperresponsiveness, and in children they promote the increased sensitivity of the bronchi to infections. Nitrogen dioxide is the pollutant most harmful to human health.


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