Thursday, November 3, 2016

The public prosecutor financial requested the referral by corrections of two subsidiaries of HSBC – The World

If the co-investigating judges follow the requisitions of the parquet floor, HSBC will be judged in front of the correctional court of Paris for “laundering tax fraud” and “aiding and abetting of soliciting is illegal”

In its final brief, the prosecutor’s office, national financial (PNF) requested on October 18, the reference to corrections of the giant british bank HSBC Holdings Plc in the case of tax evasion on a large scale which is of concern in France.

If the co-investigating judges follow the requisitions of the parquet, HSBC, one of the first banks of Europe, will be judged in front of the correctional court of Paris for the ” laundering tax fraud “ and ” complicity of canvassing illegal “.

The PNF has also confirmed its requisitions, made in march 2015, return to trial of the swiss subsidiary, HSBC Private Bank Suisse (HSBC PB), for ” the selling illegal “ and ” laundering tax fraud “, satisfied that it has offered to customers in france, in 2006 and 2007, various operations and edits, via tax havens to hide their assets from the tax authorities. The prosecution has also requested the reference to the trial of the former boss of HSBC PB, Peter suisse) sa, and a manager of the subsidiary, Judah Elmaleh.

Rebound in 2015

HSBC was in review in April 2015 and a deposit of one billion euros had been imposed, but this sum had been reduced to 100 million euros by the examining chamber of the Paris court of appeal. The magistrates complained to the origin at the mother house, a lack of supervision of its swiss subsidiary.

The affair was begun by the delivery to the French authorities at the end of 2008 of files stolen by the former computer scientist from the French in the HSBC bank in Switzerland, Hervé Falciani. This act had allowed to open several investigations in Europe, particularly in Spain and Belgium.

She had known a rebound dramatically in 2015, with the operation ” SwissLeaks “, a series of revelations of a global network of newspapers (including The World), which accused HSBC of having to transit around 180 billion euros belonging to wealthy clients between November 2006 and march 2007 in Swiss bank accounts, to enable them to escape tax in their country.

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