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The market automobile French fell again in October – The Point

sales of new cars fell again in the month of October in France, but the market is still up on the year, and manufacturers are banking always on a growth of 5%.

The month of October marked a new downturn in car registrations, -4%, with 155.021 new cars, according to figures released Wednesday by the Committee of French manufacturers of automobiles (CCFA).

The market had already dropped 2.5% in September. However, the number of working days comparable, it is stable (+0,5%). And in the first ten months of the year, the market increased 4.7% and absorbed 1.6 million new vehicles.

The CCFA expects an increase of 5% of the registrations for 2016, which would enable them to recover more than 2 million units per year versus 1.91 million in 2015 and 1.79 million in the previous two years.

Jean-Francois Belorgey, vehicle expert within the audit firm, EY, is not surprised by this decline in the automobile market the French, who, he explains to AFP, was “abnormally high, considering the economic situation of the country”.

“We are without doubt witnessing the slowdown that a lot of people were expecting”, he added, citing also the”effect of a softening of the facility given by the credit” for the rate which is particularly low.

He also stressed that “for the first time, car sales professionals are also down,” which is “often a good indicator of what will happen,” for the whole of the automotive market.

However, “the order book is pretty good,” noted Jean-Francois Belorgey. The effect of the Mondial de l’automobile, held in Paris in early October, is not yet visible, because it is orders for the month of September, but will be closely scrutinized as early as next month.

The car show welcomed nearly 1.1 million visitors in two weeks, a figure somewhat lower compared to 2014. According to a survey conducted by the organisers, a visitor on three has said it wants to buy a car in the next 12 months, compared to one in four just two years.

On the podium of the top-selling cars in October, we find the trio of Renault Clio, Peugeot 208 and Peugeot 308, while the two French car manufacturers have followed the downward trend of the market in the past month.

- diesel to the down -

The PSA group fell by 5.8%, and sales of its three brands are down: -4,3% for Peugeot, 5.6 per cent for Citroën, and -25,9% for DS. As for the Renault group, he plunged 9.2%, due to a drop in sales of the renault brand, -12,2%. The sales of Dacia, on the other hand, are up 3.7%.

The French manufacturers still provide more than half of the cars sold in france, but their market share is also in decline, of 7.3%. On the set of the first ten months of the year, it is still up 3.9%, to 54,13%.

Among the foreign manufacturers, the Volkswagen group – Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche – is way out in the lead, despite a slight decline of 1.6% in October. The scandal of diesel engines-fixing has not affected the good health of the Volkswagen brand, up from 4.7%.

The premium brands always draw their pin from the play: +3.9% for BMW and +11.7% for Mercedes, or +4.9% for Lexus.

The share of diesel has continued to decline: on the set of the first ten months of the year, it is $ 52,34%, while it was of 57,76% on the same period last year.


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