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The cost of low back pain is cold in the back – Boursorama

The cost of back pain is cold in the back

The cost of back pain is cold in the back

It was almost good news. Yesterday, Marine Jeantet, director of professional risks Insurance, has announced that work accidents and occupational diseases are declining in France. “There are seventy years of age, it was 120 accidents per 1 000 employees, today there are more than to 33.9. “But a figure that came to tarnish the table : that of low back pain, pain in the back.

An evil of the century-which rose again

In 2015, the national health insurance Fund has found 167 000 cases of lower back pain related to work. And yet, are not taken into account the liberal professions such as nursing or the autoentrepreneurs, covered by other agencies. In ten years, the number of low back pain has steadily increased. In 2015, there were 2 300 more than in 2005. At the same time, the share of this pathology in workplace accidents rose from 13 to 19.1 % !

Care of the person and logistics particularly affected

While the industry was historically the area where we had the most lower back pain today, says Marine Jeantet, the evil one is moved to ” the logistics and especially the care of the person : + 3,4 % in 2015. So we will start awareness raising programmes, including in retirement homes. “Half of sickness absence due to back pain are less than two weeks, but this is to stop repeatedly.

A Bill of€1 billion

last year, the health insurance had to pay€ 580 Million of daily allowance,€ 300 Million in the form of an annuity or a capital to cover the damage, and finally 120 M€ in care. A total of€ 1 billion ! Where, soon, a new national awareness campaign for prevention.

Still too many occupational accidents and illnesses

If the situation has never been as good, there are areas of …

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