The shipyards STX in Saint-Nazaire. – JS Evrard/AFP

It advance in the order paper of the sale of the group STX, which are part of the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire. Four companies are bidding on the redemption of the south Korean group in difficulty, announced Friday, the justice of south korea. The sale must be realized by the end of the year.

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A spokesman for the tribunal de commerce of Seoul, however, refused to mention the name of potential buyers. He has not specified what they wanted to buy exactly : justice had been offered the buyers the opportunity to buy STX separately (only STX France, the only unit to be profitable in the group, for example) or block.

according To the Seoul Economic Daily, which cites sources close to the sector, the Dutch Damen, the Italian Fincantieri and the naval group French DCNS are on the ranks. Names that had been widely discussed since the sale of the group in mid-October. We do not know yet if chinese investors did come forward, what is concerned the French State, which owns 33 % of the sites. The government, which fears a technology transfer, has promised to weigh in the choice of the buyer, with a blocking minority.

A next meeting is planned for 11 November to give the green light to the project for the rehabilitation of the group. In case of rejection, STX risk liquidation.

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