Sunday, November 6, 2016

Renault Trucks Defense could be separated from its site of Vénissieux – Franceinfo

According to a press release of the Volvo group, taken over by the Agency France Presse, this activity is called “governmental sales”, which represents about 1.5% of the total sales of the Volvo group, is mainly consisting of the manufacturer Renault Trucks Defense (RTD). The latter has the marks RTD, Acmat and Panhard.
This branch, which also has the american entity Mack Defense, Swedish Volvo Defense and the australian VGGS Oceania, is dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of vehicles specially designed for governments, the defence industry, forces, peace-keeping and humanitarian organizations.

A new owner may be better placed to take the enterprise to a next stage

This branch has reached “a very strong position in recent years with a positive development and a book to record orders. There are significant opportunities to further grow the business,” said Volvo in a statement.
But “a new owner may be better placed to take the enterprise to a next stage. Therefore, we intend to begin preparations to sell the business,” said Jan Gurander, chief financial officer of the group, quoted in the press release.

consultation of the social partners would be being the subject of this assignment

contacted by AFP, Renault Trucks Defense has clarified that the consultation of the social partners was ongoing at the topic of this assignment. Volvo Group Governmental Sales conducted in 2015 a turnover of 500 million euros. Across the three brands, RTD, Acmat and Panhard, the group provides 90% of platforms, armoured logistics currently in service in the army. France represents 50% of its turnover.
The group has in France, its activities of Research & Development (Versailles and Lyon) and production activities across five industrial sites : Limoges, Fourchambault (Nièvre), Saint-Nazaire, Marolles-en-Hurepoix
(Essonne) and Saint-Germain-Laval (Seine-et-Marne).


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